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    Today i updated my addons and when i logged back on i noticed i lost my usual font i've been using for a year on grid. Is there a way to add it back?

    My old font was SCT Adventure.
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    I added the pets for class part to my layoutlayout file and it works save for 1 issue. There were 4 locks & 2 hunters in my raid and grid only allowed me 5 petboxes, so 2 petboxes were standing on top of eachother meaning it was impossible to target 1 of the pets.

    Atm i solved it by changing that part to:
    [10] = {
    			isPetGroup = true,
    			groupFilter = "WARLOCK,HUNTER",
    			unitsPerColumn = 6,
    			maxColumns = 5,
    			filterOnPet = true,

    Isn't it possible for a new row for pets? what if i'm in a 40 man raid with 5 hunters and 6 locks? That would result to 11 pets wich would be a very long row.
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