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    I think i have the same error

    I'm not sure about the log, but the error message "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." is exact the same

    Please retest on revision 712 - and see if any more error info is logged

    Hate to be the messenger but the Problem is still there, as often as before.
    Every time the updater tries to load the advertisement banner it crashes.
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    Can you document it as much as possible?

    I'm sorry but I'cant tell you much more, since its the only error message I get.

    As I wrote - the Updater opens normaly. Than he comes to line "Parsing XXXX Files in the Index". I see my addon list as normaly. Then he tryes to load the add banner in the lower third of the addon ---> than crash.

    Error massage: An unexpected error occured. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and restart the application.

    The rest of the message is in german: Es wurde versucht, im gesch?tzten speicher zu lesen oder zu schreiben. dies ist h?ufig ein hinweis darauf, dass anderer Speicher besch?digt ist

    Translated:It was tried to read or wrote into the protected memory. This is regulary a hint that another memory is broken"

    That was all - I believe it could connect the Microsoft Frame Network (because I believe there is an error to - but I'm not sure). I tried to uninstall the updater and reinstall it, but the error stays.

    Is the Updater connected to MS frame network?
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    Hi out there,

    hope you can help me

    Every time I try to start the updater (latest version) I get the same error. For a short moment I can see my addon list. Then the updater tryes to load the advertisment banner and crashes.

    He always ask's me if I'm connected to the internet (I have a Flatrate - internet etc is working normaly). Then he says "he's trying to write to the protected memory. this could be a hint that another normal memory is busted"

    any scandisc run shows no error. I tryed to uninstall the updater and install a new one but the error is always the same. Is there a possibility to install the updater to an other hdd part than the standart folder?. What should i do now?

    Thank you for helping
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