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    will test tonight thanks
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    posted a message on Simple Reputation
    Ok, in general I am trying to find solution for this via numerous chat addons and it seams that none have this. Fubar had it once, but since I stopped using fubar I can't find good addon for this.

    What shall addon do?

    Reduce line: Your reputation with Aldor increased by 250
    to: [Rep][%Faction][+X]

    My interface is very space saving and having reputation line extend in more than one line makes me miss important chat lines.

    Would be nice if someone can make something like this.
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    posted a message on Post cool PitBull layouts here!
    @ lithious

    ["Health Decifit"] = {
    custom = "[MissingHP:Negate]",

    Decifit -> Deficit
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    Didn't find forum where I can ask this, so it can be help forum. I'm sure there is addon for this so I'm not posting in ideas forum.

    I need addon that will let me predefine sets of addons that I use for

    1) raids
    2) pvp
    3) grind/questing

    Can anyone point me to some direction.
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    I'm using prat for several months now...

    Can something like this be done

    Reputation with Shatered Sun Offensive increased by 12

    // This is just example //


    [Rep][SSO] +12

    or that any other part of the chat user define abbreviation by himself?

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    posted a message on Wardrobe2 Issue
    went back to ItemRack...
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    posted a message on Idiot proof DKPMon/eqDKP guide (needed)
    TY for response Eraslin...

    It summarized in short what I need. Endlessly looking what I need to install on web server from your files @ googlepages lol.

    Now I have idea how it goes... During the weekend I'll give you a response how everything worked, and since I'm up for it maybe I'm gonna compact you one full guide how to use eqDKP with DKPMon for your website.

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    posted a message on Idiot proof DKPMon/eqDKP guide (needed)
    Hey there,

    Long time ago in time of MC/BWL I was running eqDKP server and using ctrt for exporting stuff... Times changed, CTRT was than main reason for keeping some addons out of ACE family on my machine, but now all my addons are ace2 and time in leveling and early Karazhan really didn't forced me to go back to CTRA family, however slight advance to 25 mans forcing my guild to start sorting DKP and history repeating... again setting eqDKP on server and all that follows, however with it's current state and documentation I can't figure out how to update eqDKP via DKPmon and how to set it to communicate, I know I'm maybe asking a lot but if anyone have time to simple draw out simple guide AFTER initially setting eqDKP how to make it communicate in few steps. On eqDKP forums there are a lot of guides for setting ctrt but nowhere how to set DKPmon.

    TY in advance, regards
    Cosa <Envy> LB(EU)
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    Hey there great community,

    I have need and idea and absolutely no codding experience. So, here we go.

    In many raids/pvp as a leader you have to show where some players to move, how to prevent something and so on and so on.

    What addon I would love to have and till now I haven't seen single one ingame, I hope someone can make something like that.

    It shall be binded on hotkey and open over whole screen as a blank screen, promoted ppl in raid with mouse click will be able to drag/draw lines like in Windows pain, no more features, just plain lines and explain tactics to ppl. It only must have that ability to share info with other raid members (everyone must have one installed) so when they open screen they see what raid leader paints...

    Just imagine it like a board that NBA coaches using drawing tables during timeouts.

    It's going to make all raid encounters much easier to explain to ppl. What do you think?

    ? Usable?
    ? Doable?
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    posted a message on Bank Export
    omg omg omg... IT'S LIVE!!! it works, works, works...

    Most uber guildbank management addon works again. I can't express how much I like this addon and compared to other monsters it's one of the greatest addons of all time, since it does so much stuff with so litle bother.

    Everyone shall try to install itemstats addon on their forums, use this addon to quick post contents of guild bank to ppl and never to experience those "Guild management runing guild bank far from eyes of members" gossips...

    <3 again...

    Astaldo, If you want me I can promote this addon on every guild forums arround the globe.. cuz you and original maker did such a lot for the community... every guild manager shall use this one...
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    any ETA on mouseover fade in? that would be imba...
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    posted a message on Bank Export
    That would be very kind of you. Looking forward for that.

    Would be nice if you put note where to look for that part of code that we need to change, or maybe is best that you make several versions of that and continue support for that addon, I'm pretty sure many ppl would be gratefull for that.

    <3 bro...

    ty a lot in forward
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    [list]Hi imba community.

    Don't want to speak too much how Ace changed my gaming performance and str8 to the point. I don't prefer big char content management monsters, and I had imba small addon for exporting stuff to my forum, for all members to have info what guild bank have in posesion. We don't evaluate how many times members sent stuff to bank, who sent what and how long it is there...

    Just giving ppl info on forum what's there and they can request.

    Our forum have itemstats feature implemented and nice option was when I found [b]itemtophpbb[/b] that exported all stuff from bank to clipboard so only thing was to log on forum and paste stuff.

    Sadly, after 2.0 it's not longer developed, so I'm asking this nice community if you are able to make simple, lightweight addon that would

    • Scan bank and bags
    • Print out names of items in a list
    • Print out numbers next to items'
    • Send that to clipboard (ask for Ctrl+C ofc)

    I'm not fluent in WoW scripting, so I dunno how big this work is but from others addons that I saw what complication stuff they doing... don't think this is too much...

    Help plx
    List tags are malformed.
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