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    How do I configure the distance for range indication? When I'm in AB, for example, Grid is showing people who are nowhere near me, as being in range. Is there a place I can set it to a shorter distance? I'm digging through the files, but don't really see anything obvious.


    I'm no programmer but I'm going to guess it has to do with these lines in the GridStatusRange.lua :

    Quote from GridStatusRange.lua »
    if range and range <= 40 then
    self.core:SendStatusLost(UnitName(unit.unitid), "alert_range_oor")
    self.core:SendStatusGained(UnitName(unit.unitid), "alert_range_oor",
    (settings.range and 40),

    so adjusting these 40s should change the range indications.
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    I've heard other people that don't even use Grid have the same problem with not being able to click people in the raid window.. I actually remember using ag_unitframes and having the same problem. A quick /console reloadui works fine to fix it, but it can get rather annoying.
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