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    posted a message on Undocumented COMBAT_LOG_EVENT arguments
    Back in February Elsia documented the following;

    SPELL_DAMAGE has 11 optional arguments.
    optarg1 = unclear, a number
    optarg2 = spell name
    optarg3 = unclear, a number (e.g. 4) (4 for fire damage (e.g. immolate), 32 for shadow damage (e.g. shadow bolt)
    optarg4 = damage amount
    optarg5 = unclear, a number (e.g. 4) (seems to match optarg3)
    optarg6-11 = nil

    This morning I've discovered this;
    optarg9 = Spell/Skill crit flag (not nil if spell/skill is a crit)

    For SWING_DAMAGE the same flag is optarg6 as documented.
    I couldn't find anywhere that this has been written, hope it helps.
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