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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.1
            ["Misc.QuestMats.Darkmoon Faire.Deck.Stones"]="61996,61997,61998,61999,62000,62001,62002,62003",
    Stones Deck is missing
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    posted a message on AdiBags - a bag addon
    Hi, is there anywhere a set of instructions on how to create custom rules? I want to create a set of rules that will group (in my bank) all cards of a specific deck to their own section. Is there a way of specifying that all items of type "of Mages" will go to a "Mages Deck" section? Thanks.... Awesome add-on... I switched to it from TBag.

    A notation like "* of Mages" would be nice...
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Thanks for the reply!

    I don't have FU, I have Titan...

    How about Farmer for AutoBar?

    Lastly, what about the direction of opening?
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Feature requests:
    1. Allow the bars to be vertical (couldn't figure out if it is possible)
    2. Allow the menus to expand to where they are visible.
    2.a first cut, do it manually
    2.b second cut - figure out by location on screen...

    3. Here's one that I hope you can do:
    When one grinds for material, it is very useful to know how much of a specific item you have. It can be leather, herbs or metals OR special quest items like "Core Of Elements"...

    Right now the bars are "action bars" that is, they can only be populated by icons that do things. I would like to create a bar with materials in it, and have it display what's in the bag...
    I can then customize multiple inventory bars to display how many of what I have based on my grinding goals...

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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Hi Ackis, awsome mod, I love it!

    A minor, minor request (yeah right)...

    The one thing that I really, really, reallllly need is a way to take an ingredient and show all the recipes it is used in. This is especially useful if you see an ingredient, say - Lucky Charm (which is used in leatherworking) and determine if its worth keeping around, or what you can do with it now, and in the future...

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