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    Dont know if this has been reported yet or not.

    When disabling color display in the FuBar tooltip an error is generated when attempting to open the details of a quest.

    1. Right click on the QuestFu icon on FuBar.
    2. Select "FuBar Tablet" and "Color"
    3. Deselect "Level"
    4. Select "Close"
    5. Mouse over the QuestFu icon on FuBar.
    6. Select any quest.

    The following error is generated.

    Date: 2007-08-18 23:22:02
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua line 599:
      attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'level' (a string value)
      (tail call): ?
     BigWigs, v2.0 r46793
     Cartographer, vr46441
     CartographerBattlegrounds, v2.0
     CartographerCoordinates, v2.0
     CartographerFoglight, v2.0
     CartographerGroupColors, v2.0
     CartographerGuildPositions, v2.0
     CartographerHerbalism, v1.0
     CartographerInstanceLoot, v2.0
     CartographerInstanceMaps, v2.0
     CartographerInstanceNotes, v2.0
     CartographerLookNFeel, v2.0
     CartographerNotes, v2.0
     CartographerPOI, v2.0
     CartographerProfessions, v2.0
     CartographerQuestInfo, v1.9.8.2
     CartographerWaypoints, v2.0
     CartographerZoneInfo, v2.0
     CartographerCleanup, v1.0
     CartographerExtractGas, v1.0
     CartographerFishing, v1.0
     CartographerImport, v1.0
     CartographerMailboxes, v1.0
     CartographerMining, v1.0
     CartographerNoteshare, v1.0
     CartographerNoteTarget, v0.3
     CartographerQuestObjectives, v0.9b
     CartographerQuests, v0.2
     CartographerQuicknotes, v0.1
     CartographerStats, v1.0
     CartographerTrainers, v1.0
     CartographerTreasure, v1.0
     CartographerVendors, v1.0
     CharacterInfoStorage, v1.0.30390
     CharacterInfo, v1.0.30298
     CTBarMod, v2.002 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTBottomBar, v2.001 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTBuffMod, v2.01 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTCore, v2.001 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTMailMod, v2.0 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTPartyBuffs, v2.0 (CTMod 2.0)
     CTUnitFrames, v2.001 (CTMod 2.0)
     Decursive, v2.0.2 
     EnhTooltip, v4.0.2
     EquipCompare, v2.10
     FishingAce, v0.4.2a
     FuBarBagFu, v2.0
     FuBarCharacterInfoFu, v1.0.$Revision: 40669 $
     FuBarCharmsFu, v0.2
     FuBarClockFu, v2.0
     FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
     FuBarExperienceFu, v1.1 $Revision: 40915 $
     FuBarFactionsFu, v2.2
     FuBarGarbageFu, v2.0.$Revision: 44433 $
     FuBarGroupFu, v1
     FuBarGuildFu, v2.4
     FuBarHonorFu, v2.0
     FuBarItemBonusesFu, v2.1
     FuBarLocationFu, v2.0
     FuBarMailFu, v2.0
     FuBarMoneyFu, v20000-1
     FuBarPerformanceFu, v2.0
     FuBarQuestsFu, v2.0
     FuBarRecapFu, v2.0
     FuBarSkillsPlusFu, v2.4.1 $Revision: 45570 $
     FuBarToFu, v2.0
     FuBarTrackerFu, v2.1 ($Revision: 36104 $)
     FuBarTrainerFu, v0.2
     FuBar, v33424
     Grid, v42967
     GridManaBars, v0.5
     Informant, v4.0.2
     KLHThreatMeter, v20.2
     MobHealth, v3.2
     MobHealth3BlizzardFrames, v1.2
     Omen, v2.1r45044
     OneBag, v2.0.42263
     OneRing, v2.0.37335
     OneView, v2.0.42264
     oRA2, v2.0.$Revision: 45942 $
     PallyPowerInfo, v1.0
     PallyPower, v2.00.48
     RatingBuster, v1.2.4 (r46517)
     Recap, v3.70
     sct, v5.7
     Stubby, v1508
     Swatter, v4.0.2
     XRS, v2.1 r41754
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