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    posted a message on StatBlocks v1: Official Thread
    Any way of adding into the MeleeStats Block something like from the addon MeleeFrame where it shows how much damage MH/OH does?

    MH: 500-600
    OH: 250-300

    I stopped useing melee frame cuz for some reason it stopped showing my OH damage & speed.
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    I just got Cowtip after upgrading from Tipbuddey, the only issue i'm having is moveing the tooltip from out of the middle of my screen. I use the position menu and it doesn't move it still stays at the center of my screen. I even used the orange box thing to move it where I want it, still no go.

    Any suggestions?
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    I have split up everything to it's own area.
    Weapon Buffs
    Temp Buffs

    I just started useing this mod, and the 1st version I got worked fine, but with a recent revision flurry no longer pops up in my temp buff window, I made sure it was not being filtered out, so i tested it in my buffs window and flurry shows up fine there when I remove the filter (same in debuffs, and Weapon Buffs) but it will not show up in the window I made for it, which are all the buffs 40sec or less.

    I'm going to revert to the older version for now. Just felt I should let you know =)
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