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    I apologize if this has been answered in this thread (didn't have time to read all 27 pages) but does pitbull have an energy ticker like x-perl frames? I would rather have all my mods be ace mods but have yet to find a unit frame that incorporates an energy ticker like x-perl does. Also, have yet to find a decent stand-alone energy ticker so that's why I stuck with x-perl. A lot of people in my guild have recommended pitbull so thought I would give it a try but was just curious about the energy ticker.

    edit... Just noticed that x-perl is now an ace mod (guess I never noticed it when updating my mods) so this is all probably just a moot point now, lol.
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    Quote from ReSa »

    This jostle library.. Is it titled "Jostle-2.0" or "jostle-2.0"

    Also, do you have WoW installed in your Program Files.. If so, MOVE WOW out of Program Files. Vista has issues with anything installed to Program Files. This means it could show Jostle being installed in one place, but the place that matters doesn't have it installed.

    Either way, within the next few days this will be moot, as when I'm upgrading from Babble-Zone-2.2 to LibBabble-Zone-3.0, I'll also be upgrading the library Jostle-2.0 to LibJostle-3.0.

    Hopefully this problem will be resolved then..

    The directory that's installed under FuBar_RecZone is called Jostle-2.0 and the file in said directory is called Jostle-2.0.lua

    WoW is installed under C:\Games

    Cool that you're updating it and hopefully it solves any issues that are outstanding. Thanks again for your suggestions and help.
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    I too have been unable to get reczone working for some while now. I just stumbled upon this thread and tried everything that was suggested. The error I'm getting through bugsack is as follows:

    FuBar_RecZone-2.0.$Revision: 71011 $\RecZone.lua:3:Cannot find a library instance of Jostle-2.0.
    FuBar_RecZone-2.0.$Revision: 71011 $\RecZone.lua:3:in main chunk

    I downloaded and installed WoWAceUpdater and let it install all my ace addons with externals (including RecZone). When looking at the lib directories under FuBar_RecZone I see a jostle-2.0 library directory with jostle-2.0.lua in said directory. I have no idea of knowing if jostle-2.0 is loading though. When I say it's not working, I mean I don't even have the option to enable it once I'm in game and open the FuBar options to add a module. It is checked under addons at the character selection screen and the check box for load out of date addons is checked. I'm also running FuBar 3.0 and running vista x64 (don't know if that is the issue or not). Thanks.
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