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    It does exactly what I (the author) want it to do. So euhm, why does it need to be 'worked' on?


    I think everyone is thankful for the work you have put into this. I think a few more steps would take this mod from great to amazing. Currently there is no way to not see every time someone walks inside of trueshot aura and uses battle shout, these alerts are plain useless. The option exists to ignore non instant casts, which at least for me is the opposite of what I would like the mod to be able to do. As a rogue seeing only casts would help me quite a bit. Seeing that warlock facing me and seeing that he is casting fear lets me clos or vanish before it lands. Seeing that a paladin began to cast redemption is news everyone wants, but it gets lost in the spam.

    I think theres a long list of gains that nobody can make any use of. TSA, BS, flurry, or when a searing totem begins to attack. What am I really supposed to do with that information?

    Using this mod is like trying to drink from a firehose, allow the user to trim what shows up and it will become indispensable for most players.
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