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    Some people like dropdowns some like big fancy guis. The like dropdown folks are going to continue to dislike Rock, and saying they "just need to get used to it" or "dont know what they need" isn't going to change that preference, only to insult them

    What i don't understand is why you would move away from a fully functional non intrusive menu system to a fully function completely intrusive system?

    I like many started with AgUF, tried pitbull at various stages and switched around a month after its release and have loved it, rock really does make me think about switching back, which is fine, i don't pay cknight anyway so he isn't losing a customer, but such a silly (my opinion) design decision has many people thinking the same i'm sure.
    I like being able to see what is happening on my screen when i change things, and i like being able to do make small changes quickly without needing to load (as in fill my screen) up a big ui, then go press the little x in the corner to i can finally get on with playing.
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    Quote from KnThrak »

    [quote=ThePopeRope ]
    I have Violation with Threat, but seriously it's closed. Nearly 100% of the time, it's just not opened. I know my threat, and at times I actually think "Hrm... are you close now or not?". It's rare, but then I open the threatmeter, take a look, and close it again.

    So, you are either a tank, a healer....or a bad dps'er ;p

    As a tank i rarely look at threatmeters, i concentrate on putting out as much threat as possible, as a healer...you just don't need it and as a dps class....if you aren't riding the line quite abit (which you can't really know without a dps/threat meter) then you just aren't doing as much dps as you could/should be.
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    My settings were also failing to save....then suddenly they seemed to save, completely at random...think it might have been after a crash actually ; D

    Also, i've having a problem with my raid frames, in that i set up all my group frames how i want, then when i go and change MT Frames, or MT Target Frames, it actually resizes certain group frames at the same time (such as grp2 linked to MT frames, grp 3 linked to MTT frames, grp 5 linked to MA frames).

    I'll have a look next time i jump on and see if i can get a screenshot of it.
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    Is there a mod (or is it even possible) that will save my spell/ability layout (location of spells on my actionbar) so i can switch between specs/pve/pvp with more ease (loading a pre-saved profile)?

    Basically if i switch between MS/Prot weekly its a pain to change all my spells/macro locations around all the time, same for pvp/pve...or if i am tanking trash vs a raid boss i want different macro's on my bar.

    I currently use bongos, but the profiles just saves button layout, it won't save my spell layout, and from what i have read other similar mods (bartender etc) seem to do the same?

    Anyway, not sure if it can be done, but if someone knows of a mod that does this, let me know please. ; )
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