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    Hi Xeross,

    Dont know if you fixed your problem. As you haven't posted the complete error try the following. Make sure you have downloaded the latst version of this addon.

    In the Libs folder under Cartographer_nnTrainer make sure you have the folowing folders with the latest versions of the relevant files:


    Hope this helps

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    Problem appears to be solved after downloading the very latest version of all Cartographer_QuestXX addons, apart from one error when i login.

    Interface\AddOns\Ace2\Ace00-2.0\Ace00-2.0.lua:734: Acecomm-2.0:Acecomm-2.0 requires AceEvent-2.0.

    What ever this mean??

    Anyways i click okay and it goes away
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Import not importing
    I hope this post although long may help others to get the import function working. I found little useful information about the problems i was having until i found this site, in particular, information about the structure of the files which enabled me to work out where to install the folders and ensure all dependancies were in the correct folders.

    To get the import function working ensure the following, the Cartographer addon is installed in the following location, assuming you used ?C? and ?Program Files? to install WoW, otherwise browse to your WoW\interface\AddOns folder.

    Before installation:
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

    After installation:
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Cartographer

    Then install the following addons into the addons folder. If you don?t have IconPacks installed Import will fail:


    I know not all these are needed but chances are you will need them :)
    Also Install the following Lib?s into the AddOns folder:


    Installing these below in the AddOns folder shouldn?t be necessary for import but are for some other addons:

    Now browse to the Saved Variables folder, for example:
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\SKINNY\SavedVariables

    And locate the MetaMap.lua file this will normally be more then just a few KB and copy, then paste into the Cartographer_Import folder:
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Cartographer_Import

    This folder should now have, at the least, the following files:

    Now login to your account BUT not to the game. You should now have a ?AddOns? button bottom left of the character selection screen. Click it, this is were you can enable or disable your addon. Make sure all the Cartographer, Lib addons are ticked as well as the ?Load out of date AddOns? then click Okay.

    Now login to WoW

    If all is successful if you scroll back through your chat window you should see lots of messages like ?Cartographer_Import: Add Western Plaguelands 0.7033333333333 0.5064888888888 Yellow Squaremetamap_iconpack title70.50 info info2?

    Still having problems check these Cartographer addon preferences:
    Icon Packs is listed and Metamaps is ticked
    Be aware there will not be any mention of Import in these options

    If you change an option under ?Cartographer" addon preferences select ?addon preferences? and click ?reload UI? for good measure.

    Check your chat window for cartographer_import messages.

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    posted a message on Cartographer_Trainers, _nnTrainers?

    Is there a solution to this as i have cant get it to work. Do you need a database? if so where can it be obtained.

    many thanks
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    Greetings All,

    I am new to WOW and Cartographer, which i have now got working but dont seem able to get the quest Info side working. Can some one help?

    I have two folders:
    • C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Cartographer_Quests
    • C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Cartographer_QuestObjectives

    into which i have put the files, Cartographer_QuestObjectives.lua and Cartographer_Quests.lua from Tsurani's zip into.

    When i open the map in game i have a quest info button but if i click it and click one of the options nothing is displayed. If i click on the Cartographer button I have "Queset Objectives" and "Quests" enteries to change the options for these modules.

    I have all the icon packs installed and have icons displayed on map from data imported from metamaps.

    Have i dune something silly or am i suffering the fate of others?

    Thanks in advance
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