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    ["Cindercloth Cloak"] = "Cloak",
    ["Felcloth Gloves"] = "Gloves",

    was unsorted
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    The tab targeting looks for targets in two ways, a cone in the direction you char is facing and in a smaller radius around your char. Distance refers to the length of the cone and Radius to the radius ;)

    Blizzard most likely did it this way because you are general facing the guy you want to target, increasing the radius to much and you might end up targeting the guy 20 yards behind you and not the guy 35 yards in front of you that you really want to target.

    Though I have not tested the mod allot and targets in "the cone area" might get higher priority even though some one is closer to you in "the radius area"

    By all that rambling I wanted to say, be carfull how you set the radius you might get some unexpected results.
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    Have not tryed it yet (so excus me if some of the features are already in), but I belive that the features people are most looking for are:

    Auto populate the list from the MT list,

    Being able to set so that MT1 always gets IconX(that you can pick), MT2 always gets IconY ...

    If MT1 and MT2 are targeting the same mob MT1's Icon is set

    Main Assist Icon, if you got a MA set his Icon gets priorety over all MT's so that it's easy to follow MA
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    smal request:
    being able to change the color of the bars, mainly the mana bar, as I find it abit hard to see how much mana I got with the curent dark color.

    And yeah I know I can edit it in the lua, and I did, but I don't like the red "!" I get in explorer when I have changed some thing in a svn file ;)
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