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    posted a message on ag_uf - tot and tott resetting

    The problem is that after each relog/restart, I can't see unit names in tot and tott frame.

    If I change thier layout to yabf and then get it back to abf (sorry if I'm typing unit layout names wrong - can't check atm, but the one I'm using for these frames are those represented by the single hp line.), the name shows up correctly. But then I also have to reduce frame width for each respective frame from 140 to 100. Also tott frame shows casting bar (over hp bar as only bar enabled) which is kinda annoying.

    Casting bar is disabled for every possible frame but problem remains.

    I've tried deleting ag_uf related files from WTF folder, but problem remains.

    This is happening after each relog/reset.
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