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    My opinion

    Rock is an interesting idea. I understand it is linked to new libraries, promises better performance, and so on.
    Rock is not finished, it will get better (or it is my hope).
    Rock is a developer release, not even really of beta quality yet.
    Rock would benefit (as would tens of thousands of Fubar users) from a more carefully controlled development cycle.
    A sizable group of users hate Rock at this point. The hangover from the abrupt introduction could taint acceptance of Rock well into the future, but is atypical of the quality of Fubar development many of us are accustomed to.
    The Rock interface was not vetted properly for ease of use for users. many seem to find it "clunky" and non intuitive. It also dominates the screen, making on the fly changes more difficult than the previous drop down.

    Rock should be withdrawn immediately, put back into development, and its user interface scrapped and rethought. While it may be lightweight in processor cycles, it is anything but lightweight in terms of ease of use. It looks pretty, but functions poorly as an interface.
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