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    posted a message on help with tank points
    TankPoints adds information to item tooltips with stats of interest to tanks,
    making item comparison easier.

    It also adds an extra selection in the character frame along with "Melee Stats" "Defenses" etc
    look for an extra dropdown there.

    Finally it adds a calculator (can be opened with /tp calc or from the character frame)
    where you can manually input stats interesting to tanks and see derived avoidance, mitigation, anti-crit etc.
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    posted a message on A name for my unborn
    It's almost sacrilege to suggest this but as I don't have a good enough grasp of the language to have a favorite myself...
    maybe "shopping" around some lists will cause a name to pop out or "click" for you :)

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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Modules\DejaVu.lua: 45-46
    function Postal_DejaVu:MailFrameTab_OnClick(tab)

    function Postal_DejaVu:MailFrameTab_OnClick(MailFrame, tab)
    	self.hooks["MailFrameTab_OnClick"](nil, tab)

    Modules\Express.lua: 160
    function Postal_Express:InboxFrame_OnClick(index)

    function Postal_Express:InboxFrame_OnClick(InboxFrame, index)

    Modules\Express.lua: 182

    self.hooks["InboxFrame_OnClick"](InboxFrame, index)

    Modules\Wire.lua: 19
    self:SecureHook(SendMailMoney, "onvalueChangedFunc")

    self:SecureHook(SendMailMoney, "onValueChangedFunc")
    Modules\Wire.lua: 39
    function Postal_Wire:onvalueChangedFunc()

    function Postal_Wire:onValueChangedFunc()
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    posted a message on [WotLK] Console Variables (CVar)
    On wow live I had an unreleased addon to tweak two CVar s.
    (it's unreleased because I didn't want to bother adding options and making it fit for public consumption)

    Controls the range at which [tab] (or whatever key you have bound to target nearest enemy)
    will pickup targets in the frontal cone.

    Controls the radius of said frontal cone. (how wide it will be)

    Both of those CVars had restrictions enforced on them regarding upper limit (50) in patch 2.3,
    but they can still be set in-game within those acceptable limits.

    They've been commonly used to up the tab target range for ranged classes (like hunters etc)
    however I was using it in a more generic (occasionally the opposite) way.

    A default tab-target range doesn't make sense for all classes/roles.

    Example: A tank wants [tab] to pick mobs in melee range when in combat,
    and not have to cycle through irrelevant mobs from the next un-engaged group down the corridor
    that happens to be in the frontal cone.

    Anyway, with a bit of background on to the actual question and request:

    Those 2 CVars (along with a few more) have been removed from the 3.x client.
    The official thread with the actual observed changes mentions nothing specific to those 2.

    3.0.2 Actual API Changes (by Iriel)

    Many more CVar changes are missing from the listing as well.

    - Is the removal intentional?
    - Will it carry over to the live 3.x version?
    - Will we have another way to tweak the tab targeting range (within limits set by Blizzard ofc)
    or is this to be handled entirely on default values?

    Thanks in advance to anyone with US account that would post the question on the UI and Macros forum.
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    posted a message on Omen3
    Yes I understand, I've looked at the API.

    I know ktm/omen tend to produce knee-jerk reactions but it wasn't my intent :)

    It was mentioned as a reinforcement of what you already mentioned above.
    (that other threatmeters are doing the same)
    "opted for" was a bad choice of words admittedly; sorry for confusion.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    I've made minimal changes (along with minimal testing) on my local copy of Postal to get it working on WotLK beta.

    Everything looks ok and no errors for the common functions I use day to day.
    I haven't "played" with everything (toggling options on/off and/or all types of mail)
    so there might still be bugs.

    Is there a development version out there somewhere I could test?

    Should I post my edits here for review?
    (I'm using the wotlk Ace2 branch for included libraries as well ofc)
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    posted a message on Omen3
    KLHThreatMeter for WotLK has opted for raidscanning, just a fyi.
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    posted a message on Warrior alert
    Power Auras Classic supports that through a "Sword and Board" buff activation trigger.

    I'm sure Combat Text mods will also have default triggers soon enough (if not already).
    SCT, MSBT etc is the kind of mods I mean.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    I've fixed up XLoot & Co. locally as I "can't" play without it on beta.

    However as I know there's a rewrite underway (XLoot 1.0) so posting a "fixed" old version is not a good idea probably.

    I'd suggest to wait until the new version is ready and use one of the alternatives for the ptr/beta.
    (You'll find references to similar addons at the XLoot thread on these boards)
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    posted a message on Armory Quicklink
    Quote from Mugwump »

    ...Now let's see if it survives the patch. ;-)

    I already have a WotLK compatible version so there's no worry on that front.

    I'm not uploading it yet as it is pointless on the ptr/beta:
    There's no armory for those Realms.
    But it is tested and will be uploaded the day the 3.x patch is set to go live.
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    posted a message on Looking for People for New Addon Project
    The Tactition part is intentional?

    Why not Tactician
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    posted a message on Craft Addon
    That was ChatMats from the CosmosUI probably, but like everyone said it has been superseded by the default UI.
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    posted a message on Armory Quicklink
    I uploaded the addon at wowinterface:
    Armory Quicklink

    For any that would like KR, TW, CN, RU etc support I need 2 pieces of info for each locale.

    1. Open \WTF\config.wtf
    in a text editor look for the line that reads SET realmList
    and tell me what's there.

    2. Tell me the base url of the armory site in your locale.
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    posted a message on Armory Quicklink
    Ok, here's a quickie.

    Attached below.

    Note: it's completely Ace-free so not exactly built to order.

    US and EU realms supported only.

    Other locales are easy enough to add but I'd need some info about a couple entries in config.wtf
    and the corresponding base Url of the armory for those locales.
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    posted a message on BankItems
    On WotLK beta build 8970 (and a couple before that probably) occurrences of
    "InterfaceOptionsSliderTemplate" need to be changed to "OptionsSliderTemplate".

    Sorry if it's been reported/fixed already.
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