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    posted a message on OneHitWonder - Tank helper addon - Beta
    Nice concept and useful for tanks.

    I was using Satrina's CombatMonitor for post-fight analysis along those lines
    and currently Recount's incoming damage details view.

    A real-time aspect to incoming damage analysis is a welcome addition.
    I'll keep an eye on it as it evolves :)
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    posted a message on Data Exchange Manager (Need Feedback)
    Quote from Lenja »

    Oh well, I see I'm the only one who believes in the idea and that there doesn't seem to be any interest to pursue this any further. No matter, I've already spent enough time on this so I might as well finish it properly. I'll just start converting addons into modules to get a good package and then let users decide whether they like it or not. That way it'll resolve itself.

    I think that's the right idea :)
    You got 2-3 prominent members of "one" wow coding community giving you the cold shoulder,
    doesn't mean you shouldn't keep up your efforts to recruit help or go on with your plan.

    For what it's worth I think it's got potential.
    I find it hard to picture it as an all-encompassing solution for coding/distributing addons for reasons stated,
    but I don't think that should be your goal or that there's not a particular "niche" that it can fill initially.

    How much that niche will expand over time remains to be seen after the idea takes form.
    I come across many small addons that are however extremely useful in specific situations that would be ideally suited.

    Example: A small addon that would give the RL control of raid members "release" button.
    (block it if wipe recovery is in place or punch it early if not, to save time on retries).
    Such "raid policy" helpers would be very well suited for a start imo.

    You get the idea.
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    posted a message on Looking for RW Countdown (like DBMs /pull X)
    There's no significant difference.
    Both are meant to go in a macro btw.

    Rabbit's macro is more "elegant" and compact from a coder perspective but can be a little daunting for the uninitiated as you noted.

    Other one is closer to "natural language" and you can modify easier I think.
    There's also more room for customization before you reach the 255 character limit than the /script one.

    The one I personally use is "cheating" a bit :P
    I've found that "true" 1 sec intervals are too spammy and faster than you'd like.
    GCD spaced warnings feel more natural to the raid (and myself) so my pulling macro looks like this:
    /rw Pulling %t in 3
    /in 1.5 /rw 2
    /in 3 /rw 1
    /in 4.5 /rw GO!
    Counts down from 3 but it's actually 4.5 seconds from start to finish.
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    posted a message on Looking for RW Countdown (like DBMs /pull X)
    Not what you want but you can "fake" it with Ace2 /in command.
    You'd have to make a macro and keybind it/drag it to an actionbutton.
    /rw Pulling %t in 5
    /in 1 /rw 4
    /in 2 /rw 3
    /in 3 /rw 2
    /in 4 /rw 1
    /in 5 /rw PULL!

    It requires some manual work but you have infinite configurability (within the 255 macro limit :P)
    and you can choose the message or do stuff like this:
    /rw Pulling in 20
    /in 10 /rw in 10
    /in 15 /rw 5
    /in 16 /rw 4
    /in 17 /rw 3
    /in 18 /rw 2
    /in 19 /rw 1
    /in 20 /rw PULL!

    20 sec pull with 1 announce at 10sec left and counting down from 5 ->pull
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    posted a message on WotLK CancelPlayerBuff removed?
    Quote from HunterZ »

    I don't see why addons should need to be able to cancel auras/buffs.

    There's no "need" but don't tell me the salvation removers for tanks are not convenient (or in any way overpowered)
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    posted a message on Data Exchange Manager (Need Feedback)
    I like it, even if only for the innovative approach :)

    If it catches on, it might start a trend in addon development too:
    Coding practices that would make an addon more suitable for distributing/installing in this way.
    A proof of concept addon (with some practical value) would probably illustrate it nicely.

    Same addon (if coded the right way: xml-free) distributed in alternate ways,
    or even an external converter application (parser of classic addon folder -> serialized code)
    to make the process easier might be down the road ...
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    posted a message on help me with WIM
    Quote from cerbul »

    Do you have any suggestion?


    At least a couple of the things you're asking for are already features of the addon btw,
    you should play with the options a bit.
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    posted a message on Swap Ammo (auto)?
    For a checklist addon checkout the appropriately named
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    posted a message on Loot Tracking Statistics Mod Request
    Gatherer does containers and resource nodes (ore, herbs etc)
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    posted a message on AceComm-2.0 and GROUP distribution
    I don't see what rated or unrated games have to do with it.
    Both players testing have the addon enabled.. since it relies on communication it would be pointless to test with people that don't have the addon installed or not sharing skills.

    The addon doesn't use any conditionals to run different code in different environments.
    It registers its prefix and the GROUP distribution and sends over the GROUP distribution when it needs to communicate information (skill duration in particular).

    It then relies on AceComm-2.0 to handle said group environment and select the appropriate channel.
    The same 2 people testing it in a party outside or in a party/raid in pve instance have no problem to get it to work.
    It does not work for them when they do arenas.

    Since the code that runs (addon side) is the same in all environments
    self:RegisterComm("myAddonPrefix", "GROUP");
    self:SendCommMessage("GROUP", "offset", GetTime() );
    function myAddon:OnCommReceive(pre, sender, dis, cmd, ...)

    I believe it's a problem with GROUP distribution not working properly in the case of Arenas.

    I don't have an arena team to test this myself,
    so I was hoping that one of the authors on this board that has experience with/writes addons for Arenas
    would be able to verify which of the base SendAddonMessage types ("PARTY", "RAID" or "BATTLEGROUND") should be used in that environment,
    and AceComm-2.0 modified accordingly.

    If none has that info I understand how you don't want to be making changes to the library based on my conjecture,
    but "probably an issue with your addon" doesn't really help either :)

    Thanks for your time on this regardless.
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    posted a message on AceComm-2.0 and GROUP distribution
    A number of Arena specific addons are sending to BATTLEGROUND in Arena,
    so I'd expect none of them to be working if it wasn't the proper distribution.

    Furthermore I've gotten several reports that my addon works in every other group environment _but_ Arenas.
    The report comes from the same user so I know it's not a misconfiguration issue.

    I can't say this with absolute conviction as it's not my game but I'm fairly certain the problem is with AceComm-2.0 GROUP distribution.

    In any case I'll code the workaround in the addon itself and I'll know soon enough.
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    posted a message on AceComm-2.0 and GROUP distribution

    GetCurrentGroupDistribution function currently contains the following code:
    local function GetCurrentGroupDistribution()
    	if select(2, IsInInstance()) == "pvp" then
    		return "BATTLEGROUND"
    	elseif UnitInRaid("player") then
    		return "RAID"
    		return "PARTY"

    Can someone with commit access to the svn change the first line of the function to:
    local ins_type = select(2,IsInInstance());
    if ins_type == "pvp" or ins_type == "arena" then

    or equivalent so that the GROUP type will work for arenas too?

    As it is now I'd have to code a workaround in my addon and I'd like to avoid that
    since the GROUP distribution is obviously meant to be generic.

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    posted a message on CraftList2
    You should:

    1. Give a bit more information about your Operating system and addons used
    ex. "Windows Vista 32bit enGB wow installed on default folder.. my addons are: addons.txt" attached.
    You can get a list of addons as a text file for attaching by making an addons.bat file with a text editor
    in your addons folder and putting
    dir /ad /on /b >addons.txt
    in it. When you double-click addons.bat you'll get a text file with your addons names you can attach here.

    2. State if you're running an automatic updater and what mode of operation (embedded libraries or dis-embedded)

    3. Make sure you have enabled showing of Lua errors in the default interface options or you're running an error redirect addon like BugSack+BugGrabber.

    4. Check your \Logs\FrameXML.log for mentions of CraftList2.
    If your FrameXML.log is huge delete it while exited from the game.
    Start and restart your game until you have the problem with CraftList2.
    Exit the game and attach FrameXML.log here.

    Do a little extra work on your side and maybe we'll have a bit more info to help.

    For testing specifically if it's an addon conflict deselect other addons (no need to delete them)
    from the addon selection screen and test with CraftList2 only.
    If the problem goes away it's an addon conflict.
    Do a binary search (enabling half the addons at a time) until the problem re-appears.
    You'll find the offending addon soon enough.
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    posted a message on Equipment Stats Comparison
    And Pawn (among others I'm sure) supports weight scales.
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    posted a message on AddOn Copyright
    Quote from Cairenn »
    We do a lot to try to make sure that c&p mods don't make it on our site. And it's a lot more than just looking at the name of the mod.

    That being said, hi, we're human.

    My apologies if my post was perceived as an attack on wowi or staff,
    it wasn't my intention.

    I have a high regard for both like I said in my original post,
    but I do believe you've set yourselves an "impossible" task,
    exactly for the reasons you describe.
    (an abundance of addons that are functional but do not receive frequent updates for unscrupulous people to prey on)

    It is a situation that's not remediable through user input either,
    because playing the self-appointed cop and hunting down c&p addons
    can even be seen as petty.

    Addon authors should write addons not police them,
    users should enjoy them / put in feature requests / submit bug reports.

    The overwhelming impulse for me is to just distance myself from both sides of the procedure
    until the craze dies down.

    Props to wowi for the effort, I'm sure it's a lot of thankless work for no personal gain.
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