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    Sorry for the offtopic, but Mimesis...
    tell me you're in the same Reason guild that got Thalor in :)

    What a legend if so..

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    (not a user myself though, so I can't say if it fills the bill)
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    I'm not sure I'd like the Ace crew jumping on that bandwagon..

    I can understand this kind of reply is largely irrelevant and has a possibility to stir some
    emotion from people who are already using a threatmeter
    (or were even forced to use one by guild policy)

    I regard threatmeters as pushing the ->UI<- modification idea a bit too far.
    It's a legal (<-emphasis, not claiming it's against the TOS or anything) reverse-engineering of the game mechanics.

    Modifying the UI to bring to front game information that is there but poor design of the default UI makes it obscure is just fine by me.
    Putting the combatlog in a more visible place, making that boss emote or debuff more visible.
    Displaying info available in the default UI in a more convenient manner to help you make better decisions in-game.

    Boss-mods (timers in particular) are borderline, but I can live with them.
    Blizzard shouldn't have made timed abilities/respawns etc so linear, and I see them as an in game equivalent of a stop-watch and announcing macros.

    Threat on the other hand is for 90% of the game content the universal modifier.
    It's the reason you don't play the same when dpsing / healing / tanking etc solo and in a team.
    Reverse engineering the internal game mechanics (by compiling thousands of test results)
    and trivializing that aspect is detrimental to both individual play and team play.
    To have a "qualitative" idea of aggro producing events is a good thing, making it utterly trivial though not desirable IMHO.

    I mean what's next?
    A button-mashing mod for each class tied into the threatmeter?
    Here's an idea.
    Future Guild application template:
    We're a guild currently making progress in BWL and AQ40
    (hoping to start Naxx soon)
    To join us you're required to:
    1. have t1 or equivalent equipment
    2. have latest ____ and ____ addons.
    3. be available to button-mash your keyboard from 20:00 to 24:00 on official raiding days.
    Good luck with your application.

    PS. This is not in any way intended to bash the OP.
    I'm using his post as a springboard to share an opinion with the ACE community nothing more.
    You guys and the developers themselves will decide what to do in the end.
    It's their freedom and their right.
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