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    Quote from TrAsHeR »

    Missing entry for 'Leahter'

    Leahter -> Leather
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    Power Auras Classic does something along those lines.

    I've added the ability to use the spell/item icon recently, apart from the included custom "auras".
    The trigger you want to test is "Action Usable" from the dropdown.
    Something to note is the ability/item must be on one of the default 120 actionbar slots
    (doesn't have to be on a visible actionbar, just "some" actionbar)

    Edit: the new ItemRack 2.x has an option to give text notifications for abilities coming off cooldown.
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    I'm using the embedded version (as it comes from files.wowace.com) and the activation is indeed on mouseover
    (and the double message, which I didn't realize was a problem tbh :) - clear now with hindsight )
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    Quote from ompalumpa »

    What version of Littlewigs are you using? and did all the bars pop-up, mainly the Littlewigs pyroblast cast bar?

    If that question was directed at me, I'm using the latest revision.
    Pyroblast warning has been removed per Ulic (see a couple posts higher) so I didn't expect to see any warnings.
    Just providing a transcriptor log of the fight in heroic to facilitate adding it back in.
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    Transcriptor log from a messy heroic kill.

    messy = good in this case as we got the pyroblast at least
    (usually he's below 50% before 1min and doesn't cast it)

    Hope it helps
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    posted a message on Various Memory Allocation Errors



    Various incidents of the above.

    Comprehensive discussion post:

    You won't find a fix as the cause/resolution hasn't been determined yet afaik.
    Some addons seem to exacerbate the situation though even if they're not to root cause.
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    Quote from Greemar »

    Hey guys,

    I got a nice little problem with omen atm. I am currenlty the MT of my guild and I reworked my ui from scratch. Everything is workign great but omen atm. For some reason threat isnt showing up at all. <snip>

    What's your character name in-game? Does it start with "Pet", "Raid", "Party" or any keyword?
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    A version of SorrenTimers that works in 2.4+ can be found here.

    Note that this is not the same version as the one found on wowace svn and if you "update" with the svn version
    you'll be in effect reverting to an outdated / half-working version.

    I think Ghost: Pulse 2 is the current cooldown mod of choice.
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    According to alot of discussions pre-BC when we were raiding Onyxia and interested in those things
    the threat reduction (not wipe) in airborne phase comes with fireballs.

    It was the reason we stopped the tank from "sneaking" in a sunder or two
    (which you could do if you were "under" Onyxia even when she was flying)
    and instead had them stay out of range of fireballs and had healers try to stay in range and get fireballed.

    KTM at the time, around which alot of the discussion was centered, even incorporated this change
    when it was figured out.

    I don't remember the exact threat divisor or percentage from fireball atm but that was the agreed upon mechanic.
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    Quote from tekkub »

    I'm assuming that mod won't work, because from what I've seen the buff is applied to the person triggering the dancing, not the victims. However, you addon can be simplified greatly:

    local frame = CreateFrame("Frame")
    frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, _, aura, _, _, _, _, target, _, id, buffname)
    	if id ~= 18400 or target ~= UnitName("player") then return end

    One would assume so and that was the "2min version", but CancelPlayerBuff doesn't work unless the call is delayed somewhat.
    Next OnUpdate cycle does the trick.

    As for whether it works on others I've yet to find someone to test it on.
    I can only verify that it works on myself when using the Piccolo.

    Edit: I did find a second account to test it, current version I posted doesn't work for others like Tekkub said.
    There's no buff applied to "bystanders".

    Best bet seems to just watch for the spell cast and aura applied on the one triggering the trinket and "assuming" he's in range,
    then do the sit/stand routine to stop dancing.
    Side effect with the "unlimited" combatlog range is that
    your char will sit/stand even if the trinket is used out of range for the effect.
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    5min job... better ways to do this probably but it'll work :)

    IllSitThisOneOut (attached below)
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    posted a message on Showing threat done instead of damage done in combat text addons
    SustainedTPS gives an average after combat.
    Should be all you need to get an idea of how you did after a fight.

    Tanks have a lot of things to watch during combat.. staring at the tps column
    or moving it to sct is the perfect way to produce "dumb" tanks.
    (as if there wasn't enough already)
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    posted a message on Betterblizzoptions addon or similar?
    That's not the objective of this mod.
    It's to make the Blizzard Options frame movable.. nothing to do with actionbars.
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    [2008/06/13 20:38:35-4324-x2]: ...\LittleWigs\MagistersTerrace\Kael'thasSunstrider.lua:221: bad argument #1 to 'format' (string expected, got nil):

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