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    yep I'll see what I can do
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    so if i am in a raid and i want to see all the units that could be debuffed, then i should just leave the amount of muf's displayed to max (which i think is the default)?

    that's correct :)

    note that by default you also see the pets in the MUFs (they're always at the end of the list)
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    1.all i want to do is display 10 units at a time to decurse via mouse clicks. this is done by the muf's correct? what exactly is the live list for, only for use with the macro keybinding, or can it be mouse clicked also? really, i'm trying to simplify my view and i'm wondering if i even need the live list displaying since i only want to mouse click.

    Yes it's done by the MUF options (explore the option menu)
    The live list is for information only it cannot be clicked, it can be disabled in the options.

    2. let's say i do only display 10 muf's and i'm in a 40 man raid. if someone in the fourth group (for example) needs decursing, then will they be shown as a muf? do units that need decursing take priority over those that do not when it comes to which units display?

    Extract of the readme.txt:

    MUFs are organized intelligently by default, you're always first then the rest of your group, the groups after yours, the group before yours and the pets (you can choose to monitor them or not) and, at last, your focused unit (changed by wow when using /focus 'name' or by ctrl-middle-clicking on a MUF).
    You can completely change this by using the priority and skip list, a very manageable list of players.

    MUFs are unit frame so they can't be moved or hidden while in combat... (Blizzard restrictions)
    If you set the number of MUFs to 10, you will only see 10 units, always the same but the live-list will show you if someone is afflicted even if he is not displayed in the MUFs. In that case you should use the priority list to choose who you want to decurse...

    3. are the skip list and and priority list just for advanced configuration?

    This poiny has been covered above.

    4. is there a way to hide the help tooltips (the ones that show up when you hover over the main bar or the muf drag handle button).

    Yes the option is called "Show Help" and available in the Micro unit frame option menu.

    5. i take it this is useable in combat?

    Well it would be useless if it was not...


    I find it unintuitive (for me) to have Cure Poison as right click and Cure Disease as ctrl+left click. Is there a way to change the behavior of clicks on the MUF?

    You can change this by setting the debuff type priorities in the "Curing options" the priority is indicated by green numbers...

    Also, I've noticed that targets not in my group/raid that need curing show up in the live list, but not in the MUF. Is there a way to cure them via Decursive? (I've tried using the macro, but haven't gotten it to work.)

    You can dispell your target by mouse overing it's unit frame (any unit frame representing the target) or the player avatar and hitting the key bound to Decursive's macro.

    extract of the readme file:
    Decursive also creates and manages a macro that allows you to cure units (or other unit frames) you mouse-over, you choose the key in Decursive's options.
    Hitting the key alone will try to cast the first spell, ctrl-hitting, the second and shift-hitting will try to cast the third.
    Decursive will show you if the unit beneath your cursor is afflicted by something through its 'live-list'.
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    Thanks :)

    @uaxli :

    - is it possible to select colors for debuffs? I.e. ability to set blue color highlight for magic debuffs and green highlight for disease?

    In fact the colors depends of your debuff priority the 1st priority is red, the second blue and the third orange. The priority is set in the curring options and indicated by the green numbers near "Magic", "Poison", "Disease", "Curse" etc... in the option menu.
    To change the priorities, just select the debuff types by order of priority.

    The color also indicates what button you have to click to dispell.

    About the grid plugin, what you suggest is not possible because Blizzard prevent unit frames attributes to be changed while in combat (else you could dispell/cure everything clicking a single button.

    - Minigroup squares are overlaying world map (or at least cartographer), not so bad since they are so tiny but still

    Hmm I set their strata to medium... if I set them to low they could be overlapped by anything...

    @azzurre :

    In fact Decursive has many davantages, you can prioritize your actions, skip useless debuff or debuff to not clean such as dreamless sleep potions etc... Skip stealthed units, skip units poisoned or diseased having an abolish spell plus many many more options... Just try it :)
    You can use it along with grid, it's very optimized and should not affect your framerate or memory consuption.
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    Decursive 2.0 BETA 5 Released

    - The SVN
    - http://www.2072productions.com/?to=decursive.php

    Decursive 2.0 BETA 5 by Archarodim

    Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 4 to 2.0 BETA 5

    - Fix a bug that caused the loss of per-character bindings.
    - Added a new debuff type: 'Charm' that applies to charmed units so mages can see all charmed units ; previously they could only see charmed units with a magical debuff (as priests). (This need testing, the situation is difficult to reproduce)
    - Added an option to change the transparency (Alpha) of the MUFs when a unit is not afflicted, it can be set to 0 to be completely transparent.
    - The micro unit frames (MUFs) are set to a lower strata.
    - "Arcane Blast" will no longer be shown as a Debuff.
    - Added full French localization by Sylvin
    - Added full Korean localization by Fenlis
    - Fixed typos in localization.lua and added a missing option description.

    PS: The secreen shot are taken I just have to select and upload them but my schedule is tight.
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    yes itwork the same way as Smartbuff but you can also decurse by mouseoverring people and hitting a key.
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    I'll make them this afternoon I hope.
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    Beta 4 is released:


    Decursive 2.0 BETA 4 by Archarodim

    Changes from Decursive 2.0 BETA 3 to 2.0 BETA 4

    - Changed the minimum number of MUF per row to 1
    - The 'Show Help' option also disable the handle tool-tip
    - The focused unit won't be scanned if it's unfriendly (you won't see it in the MUFs nor in the live-list).
    - The macro binding function has been enhanced, it correctly unbinds previously mapped key and restores previously mapped action and
    displays messages when a mapping succeed/fails or replace a currently mapped action.
    - Added an option to not show out of range units in the live-list (enabled by default).
    - On non-English client, the key is set to "NONE" in the localization files so Decursive will display a warning to the user.
    - Babble-Spell library has been updated, Spanish spells should be supported.
    - Decursive is now available on wowace.com SVN
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    I've added the option and it's working perfectly :)
    Grab the latest version on the SVN and enjoy!
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    Well yes and no, the Micro-unit-frames show you when someone is in range or out of range but the live-list will show you cursed unit in scan range
    Note that in battle field, since WoW 2.0, unit very far can no longer be scanned for debuff.

    I'll add this option for the live-list though :) Decursive is still in development, do not hesitate to ask or propose new features...
    This option is very easy to add :)
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    Well the main difference compared to Detox is that you can actually decurse people by pointing them and hitting a key or y clicking on micro unit frames... (this is all explained in my first post)
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    Hi there :)

    It's my first message here and also my first Ace add-on using Ace libraries.
    So here is Decursive 2.0, completely rewritten!

    If you want to contribute, write here first and tell what you want to do so we can discuss it.
    Translators are also needed, all localizations file are ready, all the text is exported and ready to be translated :)

    Stable versions are usualy released on my website: http://www.2072productions.com/?to=decursive.php

    WoWAce.com wiki page: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Decursive

    # *** Decursive Main Features *** #

    - Support all cleansing spells in all localizations.
    - Minimal memory and CPU usage in all conditions.
    - Users can choose the types of affliction they want to cure and prioritize them.
    - Mages can sheep mind-controlled units.
    - Two solutions available to cleans afflictions: Macro and Micro-Unit Frames (MUFs)
    - Cleansing macro auto-configuration (cure people by mouse-overing and hitting a key)
    - User customisable debuff filtering system.
    - Easy configurable player priority and skip list.

    - Powerful interface:
    - Highly customizable (scale, transparency, etc...)
    - Saves screen real estate, Decursive interface is very discreet.
    - Multiple alert system: visual and auditive.
    - Clever ordering of micro-unit-frames to maximize cleansing efficiency.
    - Show player classes and status (in range, cloaked, afflicted, Mind-controlled)
    - Very simple and intuitive.
    - Tool-tip help system for options and actions.

    - Ace2 framework: Uses the powerful Ace2 libraries.
    - Decursive options are accessible through a drop down menu or a static option panel.
    - Option can be saved/loaded to/from different profiles.
    - Optimized event management system and more...

    More screenshots there: http://www.2072productions.com/images/screenshots/Decursive/

    Tell me what you think :)



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