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    As a Guild Leader and a Raid leader and an Old School Computer Guy I stress OLD School.

    I know enough about php to fight through and get the job done.

    Some of the modules have very basic discriptions and really dont explain much. do you use bidder and the module ect as a noobie it sounds redundent and over simplified but helps to be clear.

    Now that said im looking for direction.

    what we use for our guild is a bosskill award syatem, we kill a boss we get 10 points we get bonis points for showing up ontime for raid and another bonus point for being there threw the whole raid. (bonus points if nessicery can be handeled out side the module.

    we use a spend all system so when an item is placed for bid and you bid on it you automaticly bid all your points the person with the most points wins the bid and all points are deducted from the points, in the past it was all points befor that nights raid only becuase it was easer to track points that way.

    Now I am guessing I will need to use Dkmon FCZS or Dkmon DKPmon_ZSumAuction to award points.
    and for Bidding Im guessing Bidder_Percent. and going in and adjusting Bidder for 100% bid as defualt.

    or do I need to do a complete ajustment and make (SA= Spend all)DKPmon_SA and a Bidder_SA

    and would I load Dkmon, Bidder Dkmon_SA and Bidder_SA

    Thanks you in advance for direction in this matter. also If I need to Mod a Dkmon_SA and Bidder_SA any advice will be welcome
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