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    If you felt so inclined, you could use the secure-button example to create:

    A button for each of your skills, hidden, unkeybound, named SkillName.
    A button for each of your macro's, including whatever checking you feel inclined to include (for instance MyMacro1 /castsequence reset=1 MMSteadyShot, MMAutoShot)

    You could then use your limitted "macro" space within the default macro area to create other macros that reference the above in a way that fits your preference, to wit:

    /click [button:2]MyMacro 1;[button:3]MyMacro2;[Harm]MMSilencingShot;[Help]MMMendPet

    You can of course shorten all of those "button names" (MyMacro1, MyMacro2, etc) quite a bit, and if for some reason you required even more code in a single macro you could further abstract them by moving them to their own button and using just a simple /click MyGiganticMacroOfAbsurdity as your "blizzard macro".

    The secure buttons can be logically combined so that you can have a macro of whatever length you're interested in, and as a side benefit you can hide the buttons which provide minimal useful feedback. They also have a benefit in that they allow you to reuse common logic without retyping it.

    For instance, as a caster, I use:

    /run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
    /use 14
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")

    In a few of my macros, to toggle a +dmg trinket without providing error feedback when it's on cooldown. (Lifetap, and curse of doom)

    Make more sense?
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    Actually, I would quite happily stop using KTM if I had a consistent means of telling that my tank in an encounter had just had a string of parries/dodges in real time - without requiring the tank to adjust his already formidable load of concentration.

    There's no visual cue that the rock monster parried. There's no visual cue that he dodged. There's literally no default way to tell, hey maybe I should back off here because the tank is having a bad round. I'd agree that if you crit 5x in a row and pull it it's your fault, but when the tank is parried 18 times in a row? That's not the dps's fault, and depending on the fight it might not be reasonable (and would certainly be pretty spammy) to have the tank smashing a button saying "missed!" or yelling in vent about it. Part of the reason to develope addons is to help provide a better means of interpretting data. After all, we could certainly play wow with no graphics and just a combat log + coordinates, but that's perhaps a bit too difficult for the avg. If there was an in game method of judging threat (and no, "feel" isn't useful - you can't "feel" that the tank had a 70% miss rate just a moment ago.) then I'd be all for it, as there isn't at the moment, we turn to addons to look for it.

    Maybe a tool that would be more in line with the philosophy that tekkub is spouting would be a simple "Threat Per Second" dial, ranking you in relation to designated tank(s). That would at least let you know (by watching the dial shoot up) that your tank had some kind of agro gen dip. The other choice is to setup a scrolling combat text for a designated player, but if such a thing exists I haven't found it.
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    Quote from Saroz »

    Quote from Rabbit »

    Quote from ZealotOnAStick »

    So, doing Maexxna tonight. Slowly getting my guild converted over to BigWigs. We confirmed that there's a text warning for her spider adds spawn, but that's it.

    It'd be really nice if we could get a timer bar for those (the spider add spawns).

    I'm thinking about doing that now, the problem is that it might be to much. There are already a ton of warnings at Maexxna and well .. I'm not sure more bars would help. I'll think about it a bit more.

    1 for spray
    1 for spiders
    1 for cocoons


    I don't think this is required.

    There's a singular bar there now - it's a 40 second countdown to the webspray. The spiders and cocoons happen at the same mark every time on the existing bar. It's easy to know that you get 10 seconds after spray stunned, then 10 seconds till coocoons, then 10 seconds until spiders, then 10 seconds until spray again then repeat. I'm not sure if candybar supports markers in timer bars, but this might be a good fight for a segmented bar.

    WEB SPRAY [----------][----------][----------][----------]

    Just to give a visual cue where the 10 second marks are.

    An alternative implementation would be to change the name of the existing bar so that you knew which was next, but honestly after doing the fight a few times it's pretty predictable.

    (For reference - Web Spray - Next Cocoons --> Web Spray - Next Spiders --> Web Spray - Next Stun, Apply Hots. --> Web Spray - Stunned! --> Web Spray --> Next Cocoons. etc)

    The existing implementation is sufficient imo, but if you feel the need to expand it, there's two alternatives that don't require cluttering up the screen with more bars. As the person calling the fight for our raid, having more stuff on screen would make this fight harder, not easier. The one feature I'd add is target frames for the 3 people who get tossed to the wall, but I'm not sure of a good way to do that.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Grabbing it to play with this week in naxx.

    Anything in particular you want us looking for, and would a raidTemplate replacement be within the scope of the leader component?

    Yes, a query about features snuck in.
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    Quote from Occam »

    I'm curious Anias, do you happen to play on the Eredar server?


    Anias, is that ItemRack in your SS?

    Top center of the screen, yes it's the fubar plugin for itemrack.

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    Quote from mattftw »

    Quote from Anias »

    I may play with this skin to match my glass textures for fubar. Interesting hack haste.

    Willing to post that texture somehwere?

    I suppose. It's TGA, zipped here.

    If you want to see what it looks like in practice -

    http://www.picvault.info/images/537003770_Tambolin.jpg From my warrior alt's point of view.

    I could decrease the transparency in fubar some of course, but I like having it at that level.

    Ah the joys of having photoshop to play with.
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    posted a message on oSkin
    I may play with this skin to match my glass textures for fubar. Interesting hack haste.
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    posted a message on Two addons that perhaps should be combined, and aced (of course) - RaidTemplates
    Both of these addons appear to have been abandoned by their original developer. Unfortunately, I don't have time to pick them up and self-ace them. (Currently working on a conversion of immortality's Raid Management Suite, including the php)

    The first is RaidTemplate, by Xiven.

    The second is Healing Groups Suck, by The_Groove

    Sacrebleu -- Groove appears to be alive, I'll point him towards ace and these forums.

    It would still be nice to see both addons combined/aced. They do some very similiar things (Grab a list of who's in raid, allow you to make contextual templates from there) although they do so to different purposes (to rearrange groups, to provide written directives.)
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    The search continues. It's a shame, because this seemed like a very slick way to do what we all want to do with our inventory.

    I'll see how plowking works I suppose.
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    posted a message on Request (or whereabouts): Chat to the RIGHT of chat screen.
    Quote from Steve »

    Quote from "Maahe" »
    Well, one more try before this gets lost for presumably all eternity.

    I asked this to author of the updated HitsMode (I hear there's an Ace version, too...damn, I will never be done with my UI will I :)), and his or her reply was;
    "Seems that it's currently not possible to align (or justify) text within chatwindows. You can still move your windows to either side of your action buttons though. Don't think I can find a workaround for the alignment stuff, but if I happen to trip over one I'll post it up."

    Taken from this thread. Seems I have found my new Holy Grail. Regardless, seemingly not possible one-two-three. I'd like to ask here though, does anyone know of said 'workaround'? Puh-lease let me know. :)

    A workaround would be to write a mod that monitors the chat and puts it to a list box rather than the chat window. You could make the listbox look like a chat window with right aligned text.


    Such a mod could also be Fubar compliant and allow us to never deal with the chatframes (and their terribleness) ever again.
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