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    Is there anything like decursive but to dispell enemies (specially for arena)?
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    alt left click on the small square on top of the MUF and drag.
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    posted a message on Any addon that adds coords for quest objectives?

    First of all great work on Cartographer, one of my favorite addons ;)

    When I get into a new area, I grab all quests and search wowhead for the objectives coords and add notes to the map.

    I see that the quest addon for cartographer, adds the coords for the quest givers.

    Is there anything that adds the coords for the quest objectives? (which I understand, it's complicated, since it needs to be done manually)

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    Need some 'nub' help :P

    I finished making all the categories I need for my main character.
    Now I log into my alt, and I want to have the exact same attributes.
    How can I do this? I tried to play with the copy from, etc... but it just messes up the bags.
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    Quote from Asti »

    Just starting using Baggins today, and goddamn if it's not everything I've ever wanted in a bag mod. I fooled around with the placement of bag categories, but then saw the All-in-One format, switched, and I'm sticking with it. Great job.

    One possible bug I noted today: using the default Potions category for a new bag heading (called, shockingly enough, Potions :) ), I noticed several elixirs don't get caught and considered potions. From memory, these included Adept's Elixir, Elixir of Healing Power, and Elixir of Mastery. Oddly though, the older Elixir of the Sages did get properly flagged as a potion. Just a heads up on the issue. Thanks again for the terrific mod.

    Great addon! I have no idea how I played without it.

    I have the same problerm as Asti.
    Adept's Elixir
    Elixer of Healing Power.
    Elixer of Greater Water Breathing

    Are all not considered potions. I thought it was excluding elixers, but Elixir of the Sages is on the potions section.
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