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    Try now please.

    Worked perfect, thanks!
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    Beginning with the update Tuesday (22 Apr) I have begun to experience the lag noticed elsewhere in this thread. Anytime a raid member joins or leaves, disconnects or logs on, or is promoted/demoted, I experience a 1-2 second lag.

    I use BigWigs, Demon, BigBrother, FuBar_RaidBuffFu, Grid, Omen, Recount, aX_RaidStatus for raids and AGUF for my raid frames. Disabling various combinations of these did not eliminate the lag. Only by disabling oRA2 was the lag issue solved. I removed my oRA2.lua from SavedVariables and uninstalled and reinstalled the addon (I use JWoWUPdater) to no avail.

    Again this issue started after running my nightly updates on this past tuesday (only ACE addons are updated).


    I and two other people in my raid Tuesday afternoon had the same exact problem. I lagged worse than either of them and at one point had to have myself kicked from the raid so I could even exit (it was just starting so everyone was being invited).

    I downgraded to the April 15th version and am working fine. I would like to know though when it will be safe to upgrade again.
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    I cannot, for the life of me, get the Detox sounds to work. "Aggro" works fine (and was turned off the second I figured out how).

    How do I make GridAlertDetox actually display a message on my screen and play it's sound? I sat getting beat on by spiders (to get posioned) in Terrokar changing settings back and forth, on and off, and nothing worked.

    Not having alerts like this is the main thing I miss from Healbot. ("Teammate is afflicted by Fear!")

    Edit: After relogging the sound is working now, but I'm still unsure how to go about setting up the text notifications.
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    This is probably the wrong thread for this, but as this is the only add-on I've specifically noticed it for...

    My BantoBar texture option is gone and I'd like to have it back. I don't know anything about Libs, but if there's a way to get it back, that'd be great.
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