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    Thanks for the quick reply, I will try it out tonight. :D
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    Just started using Pitbull, great Unit frames, just have one question/concern.

    My old mouseover macro is not working as it did before with my perl classic mod:
    my macro was meant to do:

    1. cast spell to target,
    2. cast spell to mouseover target preceding the actual selected target
    3. then finally if none of the conditions are met, its a self cast

    My macro looks something like this....

    /cast [target=target,exists,help] Cleanse; [target=mouseover,help] Cleanse; [target=target,help] Cleanse; [target=targettarget,help] Cleanse; [target=player] Cleanse

    So, before pitbull I was able to cast cleanse on a mouseover target
    while having the main tank (target selected) still targeted.

    Now with pitbull it no longer recognizes the mouseover target in the unitframes, unless it was an actually mouse over in the game.

    Is there a solution to this? Is it my macro or something I can change within Pitbull.

    Thanks in advance,
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