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    Sorry for this lame reply. I recently started using Recount and I will never go back to anything else. Still there are a few things which I Don't completely understand, I'm posting here in the hope someone will be able to help me better configure Recount:

    1) Retribution Aura - It appears as an entry in my damage list, but it has "0" as damage done. Why?
    2) Shaman Totems do not count toward damage. What do I have to do to make them appear? And I didn't check, but does Healing Stream totem get counted towards total healing?
    3) Master + Pet - Sometimes it's confusing, I get the impression that sometimes it doesn't really count them both well (I'm talking about pre 2.4 release). For example let's say I see Dandy, a frost mage, doing a damage of 500.000, I have the option "merge master and pet" active. I deselect that and Dandy remains at 500.000, while I see "Water Elemental" appear in the list with a damage of 600.000. I activate again the merge option, and Dandy's value goes up to 600.000.
    What's this all about? Where is the mistake? Was it just a random bug? I messed up with something?

    Thanks for your attention.
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    posted a message on Feature request: New color option in AG_UF
    Sorry for this strange request. I'm partially color-blind and since when I installed AG_UF I have some problems in telling when a monster has been claimed by someone else, or by me/my group.
    I know the color of the energy bar changes from bloody red to something... brownie or whatever that color is, I can't tell.
    The problem is that I usually can't tell the difference.

    Would you mind adding a more viable option to make people like me tell immediately when a mob has been claimed or not? In the regular Blizzard UI, the Enemy "Icon" becomes grayed out, we can't do that on AG_UF since we have 3D models in place of 2D icons, but I thought that maybe we could do that with the name.
    The name is normally white, when the mob gets claimed it becomes gray, or to a custom color selectable by the user.

    Sorry for this very stupid idea, just thought I'd threw it around. Thanks for your work and attention :)
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