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    posted a message on LibBabble-Spell-3.0 r56464
    found a small mistake in the deDE translation. in line 1919 it should be "G\195\182ttlicher Wille", not "G\195\182ttlicher Willen"
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    i did shattered halls today and after about 10 wipes i got all the triggers for the warchief:

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	engage_trigger1 = "^Man nennt",
    	engage_trigger2 = "^Ich werde",
    	engage_trigger3 = "^Wir sind",
    	bdwarn = "Klingentanz",
    	bdwarn_desc = "Gesch\195\164tzte Zeit bis Klingentanz",
    	bdwarn_alert = "5 Sekunden bis zum Klingentanz!",
    	bdbar = "Klingentanz-Leiste",
    	bdbar_desc = "Zeite Countdown-Sch\195\164tzung f\195\182r Klingentanz",
    	bdbar_display = "~Klingentanz",
    } end)
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    The Omor module doesn't work in heroic mode. (don't know if it does in normal mode)
    I had Transcriptor running and the Trigger for heroic is:

    ["spell_partyDmg"] = {
    			"<14.0> Heledd ist von Bann des Verrats betroffen.", -- [1]
    			"<63.1> Sandrya ist von Bann des Verrats betroffen.", -- [2]

    so i guess it should be
    aura_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von ([^%t]+)% betroffen.$",

    but i do not know if that has negative effects for non-heroic mode.
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    posted a message on Violation
    Quote from Slakah »

    As for threat all Omen is, is a front end to the library threat 1.0 so you could just use threat 1.0 with no way of displaying it and your raid members would still receive the amount of threat you cause.

    what about compatibility between Threat_1.0 and KTM. do you need Omen for that?
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    posted a message on Modality (advanced paging for Bartender3)
    thanks a lot. i don't know, if this fixes the problem completely, or if there maybe some new bugs caused bye it, but i didn't encounter any.

    fact is:

    Old version: Doesn't work, Errormessage when trying to load.
    My version: Loads without Error, works without problems.
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    posted a message on Parrot vs Other SCT type add ons
    isn't there an addon that makes the blizzard-version more informative?
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    posted a message on oRA2
    ct_raidassist has been updated to 2.003. you can get it at www.ctmod.net

    could you please make it respond to ctra-version-checks with the new version so i don?t always have to explain my raidleader, that my ct is not out of date.

    i couldn?t find a complete changelog, but it seems there have only been made minor fixes.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    found a small mistake in the pandemonius module: seems like domestica mixed up \195\182 and \195\188

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	shell = "Dunkle H\195\188lle",
    	shell_desc = "Warnung wenn Dunkle H\195\188lle gecasted wird",
    	shell_trigger = "bekommt 'Dunkle H\195\188lle'.",
    	shell_alert = "Dunkle H\195\188lle!",
    } end )

    edit: found the following lines in an old capacitus log (the ? is a german ae, but the forum doesn't know this letter)

    "<142.9> Mechanolord Kapazitus beginnt Polarit?tsver?nderung zu wirken. -[spell_CvCdmg]-", -- [20]
    "<146.1> Mechanolord Kapazitus wirkt Polarit?tsver?nderung. -[spell_CvCdmg]-", -- [24]

    edit2: this translation should work for the enrage timer of capacitus

    	enrage = "Enrage(Heroisch)",
    	enrage_desc = "15 und 45 Sekunden bevor Enrage warnen",
    	enrage_trigger = "^Verzieht Euch, solange Ihr noch k\195\182nnt.$",
    	enrage_warn = "%ss bis Enrage!",
    	enrage_bar = "<Enrage>",
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    posted a message on Modality (advanced paging for Bartender3)
    Hi everyone.

    I really liked modality, but it doesn't work with the latest bartender3 version. so i tried to fix it and
    I DID IT (at least i think so)

    you simply have to change the following code, begining on line 287:
    for ii = 1, 10 do
        if (Bartender3.options.args["Bar" .. ii].args.paging) then
          modalizeOptions(Bartender3.options.args["Bar" .. ii],ii)

    for ii = 1, 10 do
    	if (Bartender3.options.args["Bar" .. ii] ~= nil) then
        if (Bartender3.options.args["Bar" .. ii].args.paging) then
          modalizeOptions(Bartender3.options.args["Bar" .. ii],ii)

    (yes it's a cheap solution, but it works for me)

    maybe someone with access to SVN could change this, so that everyone can enjoy this addon, without working through the code.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Nevcairiel »

    I suppose you should post on the Modality thread about this. :)

    unfortunately there is no modality thread (or i'm just to dumb to find it with the search-function)
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    then you should change the seed_trigger for zereketh as well:

    seed_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von Saat der Verderbnis betroffen.",

    and yes, the murmur-trigger is "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von Murmurs Ber\195\188hrung betroffen."

    *edit* i found the german name for the "bane of treachery" (aura_heroic) from omor.
    it is "Bann des Verrats". i googled it and found it in the patchnotes for 2.1.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    Quote from ulic »

    How about "Raserei! - Einlullender Schuss!"? That is what BigWigs uses for Magmadar's Frenzy in Molten Core, and they both act the same way.

    I wouldn't do that. "Einlullender Schuss" is a Hunter-ability and since you don't always have a hunter in your group this would make no sense.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    i've just recognised that i have forgotten to translate a line in the BlackMorass module.

    you should change the frenzy_warning to:
    frenzy_warning = "Raserei!"

    frenzy_warning = "Achtung, Raserei!"

    frenzy_warning = "Raserei-Alarm!"

    just pick one. i would prefer 1st or 2nd. the 3rd is an exact translation, but it sounds a little bit strange for german ears.

    @Domestica: i don't think it has something to do with the windfury. maybe ulic should give an example what the trigger exactly reacts to.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    Quote from Domestica »

    Hi ulic,

    we?ve done several runs to the shadowlab in the past. But the trigger for the bomb has not working one time. I think the trigger isn?t beeing called correctly.
    "<87.9> Domestica ist von Murmurs Berührung betroffen. -[spell_partyDmg]-", -- [86]

    This would be a trigger-line for it, this can be found within the murmurs.lua:
    touch_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) ist von Murmurs Ber\195\188hrung betroffen.",

    I am unsure about the ^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) stuff, but i think this is causing no triggering.

    i think the ^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) is something like "PlayerX gets Y Damage" and so you should look for something like:
    "Domestica bekommt 100 Schaden durch Murmurs ber?hrung" in the transcriptor.lua and use that as trigger. I don't have
    a log from murmur, so i don't know what the correct trigger must be. this is just a guess.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    I've done a non-heroic Mecha run and here is the complete German localisation:

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	trigger1 = "bekommt 'Reflektierender Magieschild'.$",
    	trigger2 = "bekommt 'Reflektierender Schadenschild'.$",
    	trigger3 = "^Reflektierender Magieschild schwindet",
    	trigger4 = "^Reflektierender Schadenschild schwindet",
    	warn1 = "Magiereflektion!",
    	warn2 = "Schadensreflektion!",
    	warn3 = "Magiereflektion beendet!",
    	warn4 = "Schadensreflektion beendet!",
    	magic = "Magiereflektion",
    	magic_desc = "Vor Magiereflektion warnen",
    	dmg = "Schadensschild",
    	dmg_desc = "Vor Schadensreflektion warnen",
    	polarity = "Polarit\195\164tsver\195\164nderung (Heroisch)",
    	polarity_desc = "Warnen, wenn Polarit\195\164tsver\195\164nderung gewirkt wird",
    	polarity_trigger = "beginnt Polarit\195\164tsver\195\164nderung zu wirken",
    	polarity_warn = "Polarit\195\164tsver\195\164nderung in 3 Sekunden!",
    	polarity_bar = "Polarit\195\164tsver\195\164nderung",
    } end )

    Here are some more Localisations i just finished:

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	nova = "Schattennova",
    	nova_desc = "Vor Schattennova warnen",
    	nova_trigger = "beginnt Schattennova zu wirken.$",
    	nova_warning = "Schattennova in 2 Sekunden!",
    	void = "Zone der Leere",
    	void_desc = "Vor neuen Zonen der Leere warnen",
    	void_trigger = "wirkt Zone der Leere.$",
    	void_warning = "Zone der Leere kommt!",
    	seed = "Saat der Verderbnis",
    	seed_desc = "Warnen wer Saat der Verderbnis bekommt",
    	seed_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) (durch Saat der Verderbnis).",
    	seed_warning = "Saat der Verderbnis auf %s!",
    	seed_bar = "~Explosion",
    	icon = "Saat der Verderbnis Raid Symbol",
    	icon_desc = "Ein Raid Symbol auf die Person setzen, die von Saat der Verderbnis betroffen ist. (Ben\195\182tigt h\195\182heren Rang)",
    } end )
    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	next_portal = "N\195\164chstes Portal",
    	portal = "Portalwarnungen",
    	portal_desc = "Ungef\195\164hre Warnung f\195\188r das n\195\164chste Portal.",
    	portalbar = "Portalleiste",
    	portalbar_desc = "Zeige ungef\195\164hre Zeitleiste f\195\188r das n\195\164chste Portal..",
    	portal_bar = "~%s: Welle %s",
    	multiportal_bar = "~Mehrere Portale gleichzeitig",
    	portal_warning20s = "%s in ~20 Sekunden!",
    	portal_warning140s = "%s in ~140 Sekunden!",
    	engage_trigger = "^Die Zeit ist gekommen! Gul'dan",
    	disable_trigger = "Wir werden siegen. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit...",
    	disable_warning = "%s wurde gerettet!",
    	-- These triggers generate warnings & bars bars based on mob deaths
    	death_trigger1 = "Nein! Nicht das Loch...", --Time-Keeper/Lord
    	death_trigger2 = "Ihr werdet uns niemals alle besiegen k?nnen!", --Time-Keeper/Lord
    	death_trigger3 = "Ihr werdet nichts erreichen!", --Time-Keeper/Lord
    	death_trigger4 = "Die Zeit... ist mit uns.", --Chrono Lord Deja
    	death_trigger5 = "Mein Tod hat keine... Bedeutung.", -- Temporus
    	-- These triggers generate a bar indicating that a second portal will open if the current portal's elite is not defeated
    	-- I am not sure if it is possible for a second portal to open on a boss fight
    	spawn_trigger1 = "M\195\182ge die Belagerung beginnen!",--Time-Keeper/Lord
    	spawn_trigger2 = "Die Geschichte wird neu geschrieben werden!", --Time-Keeper/Lord
    	spawn_trigger3 = "Die Sande der Zeit werden im Winde vergehen!", --Time-Keeper/Lord
    	-- Bosses
    	frenzy = "Aeonus - Raserei",
    	frenzy_desc = "Warnen, wenn Aeonus in Raserei verf\195\164llt.",
    	frenzy_trigger = "%s ger\195\164t in Raserei!",
    	frenzy_warning = "Frenzy Alert!",
    	hasten = "Temporus - Hasten",
    	hasten_desc = "Warnen, wenn Temporus 'Hasten' bekommt",
    	hasten_trigger = "Temporus bekommt 'Hasten'.",
    	hasten_warning = "Temporus bekommt 'Hasten'!",
    } end )

    I haven't tested them jet, but they should work since all texts are copy-pasted from the Transcriptor.lua
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