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    A bar like that but not extending all the way would work. It could be aligned to top/bottom/left/right with adjustable length (centered in the middle, both start and end going out as it gets longer, up to the whole length/width of the unit's box). Perhaps with adjustable width..

    There's nothing in these spaces as far as I can see, and maybe little bars like that could be useful for showing other information. Duration of a specific short buff such as HoTs come to mind, being a druid. Perhaps blessing of sacrifice or time left on being counter-spelled or silenced.

    Oh yeah, could be used for pet's HP too. Perhaps a shift/ctrl/etc click on them to select their pet? Right click to select pet?

    I don't know how hard or resource intensive any of this would be, I'm no good with the code. :X
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    Just a suggestion, dunno if it was said already:

    If you could have 4 little boxes together in a corner (or more?) instead of just the one, it would be really useful. I could show poisons and curses in one corner, and have a 3 more for other things. I'm out of space for all I want to display.

    I'd like to put my HoTs in one corner, too. So in that one corner I could see rejuv, lifebloom, regrowth each, instead of just the one with highest priority. If there was an addon to show them in different colors based on the duration, like going from bright green to red as it's about to run out, that would be sweet too (mostly for lifebloom's last few seconds to see to renew it).

    Also if the boxes could have numbers in them, I could see that being useful for a few things (specifically durations again, or how many lifebloom is stacked to).

    It could use priority to show just the top 4 instead of just the top 1, too (if there was more than 4).
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