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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    Same with the windows version (winxp here).
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    posted a message on oRA2
    I am also having a problem with moving the cooldown monitor. It worked fine the last time I played with it, but I am now unable to move it as are several other people who have tried (2.2.0, r49794).

    Holding alt, shift, ctrl, none of it works. In addition, I've tried this with lock toggled on and off with the same key combinations. Am I missing something?
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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    Having a problem with Pitbull and resizing frames. Through the Other > Size > Height/Width options on party pet, any changes I do to that, is mirrored by party. Is there an option I'm missing to make these independant? This didn't used to be the case several weeks ago however.
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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    PitBull_DruidMana\DruidMana.lua:74: PitBull_DruidMana requires the library Gratuity-2.0 to be available

    I have no-ext version of pitbull r38802. I have the latest GratuityLib installed (r36201).
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    Omen does not seem to reset after wipes. Only myself and one other use Omen currently (25 man raid wise). Can a manual reset option be included? In addition, a way to lock the window would be nice.
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    posted a message on BigWigs Solarian TK addon idea
    With the changes/fixes to how Solarian's Wrath and Marks are passed AND, how all 3 effects have the same icon, an addon to track which type of debuff you have is needed.

    The problem was avoided before by a variety of tricks/exploits that got rid of the debuff but now, isn't an option.

    Solarian's 3 debuffs are:

    #1, Mark of Solarian, stacking debuff applied at regular intervals
    #2, Wrath of the Astromancer(~40s duration) arcane resistance debuff and DOT with the same name as
    #3, Wrath of the Astromancer(~8s duration) that is contagious and causes #2.

    #3 will keep 'bouncing' till the fight has ended (Solarian is killed or Solarian is leashed). Multiple #3 can and will exist in the raid as the fight progresses. The longer the fight is prolonged, the more #3 will be cast on the raid. #3 cannot be removed by Divine Shield. Instead, using this ability will immediately 'bounce' #3 to the next closest person, and start #2 (which is not affected by immunities). Cloak of Shadows does not affect this debuff at all.

    The flow of debuffs would follow this scenario:

    -Clear(fight hasn't started or has just started)
    -Solarian has casted first of many #1 Marks of Solarian lasting the duration of the fight

    Scenario a)
    -Random target has #3 Wrath of the Astromancer cast upon them
    -#3 expires and is replaced by #2 immediately. #3 is passed on to the next closest person to you(cannot be a pet or dead body)

    Scenario b)
    -#3 is passed to you by another person
    -#3 expires and is replaced by #2 immediate. #3 is passed on to the next closest person to you(cannot be a pet or dead body)

    Scenarios a) and b) occur based on the timers of the debuff. Unconfirmed but the debuffs might be timed to all expire at the same time.

    An idea for an extra mod would be a giant dot similar to C'thun Warner with 3 states. Green, Yellow and, Red.

    Green means you only have #1, Mark of Solarian (or none of her debuffs at all).
    Yellow is having #2 but not #3. You are recuperating from the Space AIDS #3 but are no longer contagious.
    Red is having #3 regardless of having #2, you have the Space AIDS and you are contagious. You should find a person to pass it on to, then hide.

    Similar to c'thun warner, an audible (annoying beep), should be an option when you are condition red.

    The purpose of this mod is to provide a visible, discernible and audible warning for when you are contagious. It is often times impossible for people to differentiate which of the 3 debuffs they have. Since the icons are exactly the same but only the names and durations are different (mouse over or ebb helps a little), a tool may be required by some to cope with this fight.

    A mod which can scan the debuffs on a player for these three debuffs and update the situation they are in as it happens would be ideal. In addition, the next closest target's name should be visible, to aid in selecting who gets the debuff next. Further features like tracking how many #2/#3 debuffs are on the next closest person and a timer on when theirs is being passed are not neccessary, but essentially perform all the decision making requirements for this aspect of the fight.

    A user of this mod, will ideally try to pass on #3 Wrath of Solarian (~8s Duration) to a Green status player in the raid, or at worst case, a yellow status player.
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    Found a bug with Aloft and it's combo points text display. If a target that you've built combo points on is deselected and reselected (might require picking another target in between), the combo point counter will no longer increment.
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