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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    I don't have much to add, but this seemed the best place to express myself.

    This is, hands down, the best minimap mod available. All the features you need, nothing you don't. It's lightweight, clean, simple to use, reliable, understandable and most of all, updated. This should be the only minimap mod out there. Every other one should be deleted, removed, and discouraged, as this one is perfect and takes the cake.

    My favorite is that I use it in conjunction with a minimap button column addon, to move the minimap buttons away from the minimap; and using some of chinchilla's functions, my minimap is just a large clean circle, no clock, no mail icon, no tracking, just map.

    Just wanted to say "thank you," from a very, very happy user.
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