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    Quote from Muiric
    Is there an equivalent of the MapNotes "/mn -t" command to make a quicknote in HandyNotes yet? Did try looking, but if it is I have been unable to find it.

    I too would love to see an import function as I have a load of MapNotes that I would be loathe to lose or have recreate. Not being able to import or add quicknotes is about all that prevents me migrating over at present so would love to see these added.

    Whilst on the subject, is there any chance of adding a few more note icons or perhaps a plugin with a bigger selection? Not after anything fancy, just some different coloured squares would suffice. Not really important mind, but if I don't ask I'll never know. :)

    For the larger icon choice i just find MapNotesIconLib, i test it right now :))

    Hrrrkkk, error, @$@@#$42423423424000000, sleep mode

    P.S.: after some sleep and take time read tittle of addon it for MapNotes not Handynotes, sorry my bad
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    Thank for your work (present and future)

    (And i just copy Dally1991 post on comments section of DrDamage curse page, in hope it help other wait)
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