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    Easier....but still not trivial unless something changes in a future version of Carbonite. Their code is still a bit *special*
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    Yeah I really don't know why people insist on trying to make silly gold on the PTR, its most odd.

    Jerry I'm EU and have rather a lot of gold with me on the PTR so I'd be more than happy to send you some pocket money if you'd like :)
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    Couldn't addons like Carbonite and the levelling guide addons that you see advertised on quite a few legitimate sites, be made free but supplied with no data there by making them fully functioning but unable to actually do anything.....and then sell the data separately? Just a thought....
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    "My currently installed addons are not showing up on the list. Anyone else with this issue?"

    You need to include rather more information in you post, if you wish people to have the slightest idea what your talking about & be willing to help.

    What list do you speak of ?
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