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    Okay, so i joined a month old guild and offered to do the DKP, in order to get dkp started.

    So this is my first time beeing the actual "maintainer" of the DKP system.. I'm currently using:

    EQDKP Plus

    How do i assign diffrent DKP values to each player attending the raid either for 1 or 4 hours.

    PlayerA: Start dkp, killed 14 bosses, no loot; awarding him 34 DKP
    PlayerB: No start dkp, killed 3 bosses, no loot; Awarding him 6 dkp

    How do i make CTRT automatically set this, without having to do Individual Adjustments?

    As the guild is new, there will be a lot of swapping in and out.
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    An easy solution for you would be to install Aloft, a nameplate addon and turn on the glow module.

    You choose 3 colors, of which each indicator your threat on the mob. It simply adds a glow to the customized name plates, i thought i'd try it and it works out very good for me.
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    Hey Netrox and other dudes..

    I have made a few tickets now, but it didn't seem like any action would be taken, but i see now why :) hate when you burn your pc ;b

    Anyways.. I found out that Shield of Righteousness for paladins, are not beeing tracked at all and Arcane Shot for hunters, is tracked with the Kill Shot icon.

    I don't know if you are already aware of this, but i just thought i'd mention it in case you missed the tickets or whatever :)

    Otherwise it's working like a dream yes :)
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