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    Quote from razoon
    I would like to know the LuaText expression for RaidGroup.
    That is all really.
    I have Dogtag disabled and LuaText enabled.
    I have looked in the guides for hours for this but I cant find the solution anywhere. And I dont have time to get deep into Lua language.


    name, rank, subgroup, level, class, fileName, zone, online, isDead, role, isML = GetRaidRosterInfo(raidIndex);

    Maybe that helps? Again, no expert here, so can't give an exact code sample.
    Don't know how to get raidindex of a player from its name to be honest, but it should be possible.
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    Quote from MiRai
    [FONT="Verdana"]I am curious if it is currently possible to make the health percentage animate
    nice and smooth like the health bars do. Instead of having the percent jump
    from 98% to 72%, have a nice smooth change where the digits count down
    from 98 to 72 smoothly [faster or slower depending on how big the difference

    Is this something that would need to actually be implemented inside of PB4's
    core, or could this be achieved through some code that could be placed inside
    of the custom field of the Lua health?[/FONT]

    This could certainly be done with LuaTexts, although I think it will be a piece of code that puts quite a bit of load on your resources, since it will have to go through a loop counting down. Personally, I don't like animating the HP bars anyway, since it increases your reactiontime to people getting damage (if you're a healer).

    I'm not skilled with Lua, so can't give you any code... :(
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    I'm trying to get Efflorescence (druid AoE heal) to show up via

    local name = UnitAura(unit,"Efflorescence","HELPFUL")
    etc. etc.

    But then I noticed Efflorescence is just an AoE heal with periodic ticks, and does not show up in the bufflist like Wild Growth or Tranquility... So it's not an aura.
    There is an addon which checks for people standing in your Efflorescence circle using SPELL_AURA_APPLIED but I can't get that to work either...

    Any ideas?
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    Is there any way yet to create multiple Player / Target / Pet frames? I have seen it mentioned in this forum as "being almost implemented" (about half a year ago) but still can't find it in the options... Is it still on the ToDo list?

    I would really like to have a bit more freedom concerning castbars, rep/xp, several indicators like PvP/Role icon and certain LuaTexts...
    If I could just create 2 or more player frames and group up related stuff... It would allow for exact placement of texts etc, because you could just create an empty player frame with only text in it, place it in a higher strata and put it on top of your "main" player frame. That would be awesome! :D

    Also, I have a little vertical (class colored, blank space) bar on the left, and have some icons in it (lvl, masterloot, leader, combat, role, etc) but can only put in three (top/middle/bottom), otherwise they stack horizontally outside the frame.

    Awesome addon by the way :D
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