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    Quote from flarecde
    Bittorrent has never worked well with large numbers of small files, the overhead outweighs the benefit. Addons are hardly large alone, the issue is only when a large number of people download a large number of them.

    That was what I feared. :(
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    Quote from OrionShock
    Unfortunately it has been established that distribution though bit-torrent is not viable, please stop asking, use search feature on forums; THANK YOU have a great day!

    I did use search feature, but it didn't turn out very much results with "bittorrent" and "torrent" keywords... Who established that distribution via bittorrent is not viable? And why?

    I understand the problem of lack of seeders, I could think of some solutions to that too:

    • Force clients to remain open for a determined timespan or bandwidth (eg. if you download 1mb, then you should keep client up till you uploaded 1mb. It's fair.)
    • BT bandwidth could be enforced... I think I can "waste" 1% of my total bandwidth even while playing... if every user can do that you get a lot of bandwidth and since WoW is a global phenomenon, you can cover most of the peak-demand
    • You could sell banner space to Curse (or whatever) into the client if they provide one 24/365 seeder per addon
    • Addon authors, friends, guildmates could keep their client open to spread their work

    Quote from OrionShock
    As for the hosting sites.. well, it's in the hands of the authors first and foremost. the individual authors decide where to host their own addons. End of Story, you as the end user have no right and no place in this regard. Curse.com, ui.worldofwar.net, wowinterface.com do not choose what authors are hosted there but the authors for the most part choose. So before you start crucifying curse.com for being the badguys, they really are not to blame.

    I'm not crucyfing curse.com, nor everyone else, the authors should be free to choose whatever hosting solution they want, I'm talking more about infrastructure change, than author habits change...

    Quote from OrionShock

    As for the curse client... there are other threads to answer your problem.

    I've read them already and I don't have a problem with Curse Client no more, I just uninstalled it, problem solved ;D
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    Not original title, I know.
    Also, excuse me for my bad english.

    Since the loss of WAU I became more and more interested in alternative solutions to the addon update problem, I tried Curse Client and it pretty sucks at the moment.

    JWowUpdater has been updated recently to support multiple sites, but it looks like a downgrade to me: it lost the no-embeds capability (if I understood correctly, didn't check the source code for now) and you should specify the url for each and every addon you want to update. Not very funny, indeed.

    From the FAQ I see that WAU is dead due to high bandwidth usage and no (enough) return from ads.

    I guess that large bandwidth usage is normal, when you have a potential user base of millions: Blizzard has adopted one solution to distribute large files to all users, Bittorrent.

    So, if the real problem is bandwidth cost, why ACE (and other download sites, too) could not adopt that solution?

    Or maybe the problem for update sites like Curse is more about "control", and "power", and "more subscribers = more ads = more money"?


    I'm thinking about a client that downloads the addon list via torrent, then downloads each addon also via torrent. And shares installed addons (maybe it should be left open while playing to provide b/w to others? that could be nice and you can also throttle the b/w). There are plenty of opensource Bittorrent clients and libraries that can be used as reference.

    And, of course, since embedded libs sucks, it should support no-libs addons.

    Now to the tricky part, there are my concerns about a similar client.

    Security concerns:
    • It should hash-check, or better, signature-check the addon to detect bad contents
    • The torrent publishing infrastructure should allow publishing only from trusted users (eg. addon author)

    Performance concerns:
    • What about Bittorrent performance over small files?
    • What about tracker bandwidth usage?
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