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    It's enabled but will try to take a log.
    Will also disable all add ons and just keep bigwigs on after I wiped out my WTF.
    At least it is good to know it works for others.


    Enabled CT bar modes and disabled bartender+omniCC and flash and shake worked.
    Put them both on and they didn't work.
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    Had a question about big wigs and it would be great if some one has an answer for this.

    Flash and screen shake do not work for me.
    I disabled nameplates and still I get no flash or screen shake.
    When I run a test it does work and does both but in raid it does not.
    I went trough the setup and everything is enabled.

    Example when I am on a boss and I get targeted or get a debuff I get nothing.
    Is this because it has not been implanted yet or because I use an add on that does not work with bigwigs?

    This little feature made bigwigs amazing on many encounters next to how you can customize it.

    This is my current add on setup ((I will try to disable as many as possible next time))

    Quartz 3
    Grid raid icons
    CT unit frames
    CT core
    CT buff mod

    Anyway if some one has an solution for this I would appreciate an answer.
    I am using bigwigs version 7665.
    Also tried wiping out my WTF folder but no success.
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