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    Possible to add the Lifebloom counter on "Buff:My Lifebloom", for exemple with 5 colors :

    - Green for 3 stacks and max duration
    - Blue(or other) for 2 stacks and max duration
    - Cyan (or other) for 1 stack and max duration

    - Yellow for mi-duration > Max priority, more important than the stack count !
    - Red for low duration > Max priority, more important than the stack count !

    Like the GridStatusMending addon !

    Quote from Rakeesh
    Can somebody who is familiar with the wow API post a version that uses the old functionality where the lifebloom indicator would change color based on the time left rather than based on the number of stacks?

    The old version no longer correctly shows the time remaining nor changes color for time remaining for rejuv, regrowth, or lifebloom. The new version found on curse and the one posted by xilch can change color based on the time remaining for rejuv and regrowth correctly, but there is no option to change color based time remaining for lifebloom, but instead changes color based on how many are stacked.

    Or better yet could we have one indicator for time left on lifebloom and another indicator for the number of stacks? (Before the patch I used one plugin for each, would be nice to have a single plugin that does both.)
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