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    posted a message on Skillet - the lilsparky branch
    In case of glyphs I try and keep 6 of every glyph on my auctioneer alts.
    The idea with how many are up on the AH at any given time is nice but it should also check the alts inventory count.

    Like scan AH--->check alts inventory data--->compare with the value set in the config.

    Example: config 8 glyphs as "always have" value
    2 glyphs on the AH 6 glyphs in bags 8 glyphs...addon shows all OK.
    1 glyph on the AH 2 glyphs in bags 3 glyphs...addon ques up 8-3=5 of the glyph in question.

    This would be a MASSIVE improvement to crafting time at least for JC and scribes, perhaps alchemists to a lesser extent.
    If this could be implemented it would be the best thing since pizza :).

    Ty and keep up the good work /love.
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    My UI....looks almost the same for my hunter and DK.


    TODO: put quartza cast bars in some better places :).
    Don't have a "in combat" pic.
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    posted a message on Chat monitoring addon
    Got me a few tryes to get it to work but it finally did something when I set the phrase right.
    There was a small issue-DCed e a couple of times :) but I hope it will work fine now and I won't miss any good deals from now on.

    Thanks for the info :).
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    posted a message on Chat monitoring addon
    Does Prat have something similar?
    The name of the modules are kinda ambiguous.
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    posted a message on Chat monitoring addon
    I've googled a few times for a addon and all I got was sniffing this or that or some crazy site that smelled of keyloggers from miles away.

    Anywayz. Here is my problem.
    I am looking for a addon that will pop a sort of raid warning or any warning message in the middle of my screen when it finds certain phrases in the channels i am currently on.

    Like lets say some dude goes : WTS [Saronite Ore] cheap bla bla bla.
    When the addon sees the Saronite Ore phrase a big warning would pop.
    This would help me not miss nice deals since I am not alwayz looking at the trade channel when I am in a city :).

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    posted a message on Setting Parrot NOT to show names.
    I got Parrot using the WAU back when it was working so I figured it was ace ><.
    Oh well :).

    I've used SCT when I started playing wow, but it ain't as nice as Parrot or MSBT.
    I've also tried MSBT when Parrot was not updated and crashed after a patch :).

    I'll give it another shot and see how it goes. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Setting Parrot NOT to show names.
    I've been using Parrot(and lots of other ace addons) for quite some time now.

    The question I have regarding parrot is how do I set it to show only the icon of the skill and the amount.
    Like sinister strike icon and what it hit for, same for heals.

    I just want to see incoming and outgoing numbers :).

    PS: Asking this because Parrot kinda fills the entire screen sometimes and FRAPS-ing with that much stuff on the screen is kinda bad.
    PPS: Is there any combat text addon that works similar to Parrot but shows only numbers?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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