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    posted a message on AceConfig-3.0 can't find AceGUI-3.0
    Hey all, I have a beta version here of my project BeneCast 10 and on startup it throws
    "AceConfigDialog-3.0:16: Cannot find library 'AceGUI-3.0'"

    This despite that AceGUI-3.0's xml is in the .toc file BEFORE AceConfig-3.0's. Can anyone with a little more experience try and figure out what I did wrong?

    I ran this in the current WotLK beta ( I think).

    Also, some general pointers on how to improve my addon are always welcome off course :) (this is my first Ace-enabled addon btw).

    PS: I know I need to install !Swatter or Bugsack or sth like that.
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    posted a message on Altering values in default Blizz code.
    Quote from Xinhuan
    As I've said, outgoing damage is in the 3D-world engine, and not done by addon code. The numbers float accordingly to where the mob is (and the numbers will follow the mob as you turn your camera).

    Heheh, that was my reaction as I read the OP as well...

    The Floating Combat Text is an addon that puts floaty damage numbers near the center of the screen. Coincidentally that's also where your character happens to be. The FCT is thus as much unaware of the actual 3D environment as any other addon.
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    posted a message on how to distribute my UI now?
    I propose an Ace lib that UI pack-compilators can integrate into their pack to easily include their savedvariables files.

    The library would then apply the variables once, perhaps call some "refresh"-methods on the addons in the pack. After the first application the addon remembers not to do it again unless specifically requested.

    AceUIPack-3.0 anyone?
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    posted a message on Old healing addon?
    Hi, I'm maintaining BeneCast on WoWUI at the moment. But I'm doing a complete rewrite and putting it up here in wowace so I can use some decent version control. The version at wowui should still work for wow 3.0, but it hasn't been able to auto-select rank since wow 2.0. And the "right-click to cast low rank" is gonna be useless come 3.0.
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