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    Quote from Azethoth
    This is incorrect. Anyone is welcome to only use Grid for some specific and limited purpose. For me it IS my unit frames. I use it to heal solo - 40 man. I supplement it with Pitbull to get 7 additional unit frames (pet / target, self / target, focus / target / targetoftarget). Since my paladin is a level 5 banker, I can and do use Grid for buffing on my alts and main.
    You really did pull it out of context. Because I was mainly talking about buff frames in relation to self-buffs. The added 'unit frames' phrase was just that. I myself only have 4 unitframes. And that's fine. What is not fine is dumping self buffs onto Grid (in a default config).
    By the same logic you can actually make Grid-target and dump every possible debuff there. Because someone will possibly use it.

    Quote from Azethoth
    Evasion though will be on a config popup, just waiting for some healer to add it for the sheer /popcorn delight of it.
    Can you justify it somehow though? Because to me it looks like it's there on the premise of 'just because I can'.

    Now, on the topic of 'default configs'.
    By the virtue of human stupidity and lazyness the 'default default' config (the one that's active on install) will be used the most. And the majority of users will base their opinions on Grid by how well it's done.
    Now, you want to create several default configs per class. That may be fine in some imaginary world where everyone likes bees, teddy bears and Tekkub. But people in our world are not like that. If a person does not like the 'default default' he won't like any other config because (it seems like) they'll be the same but with more/less.
    Sure you can design 'different' defaults (in a sense of indicator placement, hooked statuses etc.) in a hope that someone will like one of them. But to me, it just looks like wasted time.
    The ideal for me is: a user is presented with a one very clean default config for his class, an array of pregenarated statuses (some unhooked ones for more specialized stuff), and finaly (the most important part here), a very clean, intutive and simple way of altering the config (hooking statuses and creating/modifying indicators) so he does not spend hours setting it up.
    If it's done, there will be no reason to have several defaults. It would be much faster and simpler to just check/uncheck some stuff and maybe create an additional indicator then to change between configs to see if one of them has the stuff you need.

    ps. But the config topic is for another time I guess (indicator/location/status duh :/)
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    As a Rogue all I can say is that I don't care about any (not just self) buffs. Evasion? I'm sorry, but I have my buff frames, I have MSBT and I actually push the button to pop it. So I know exactly when I have it. And I don't need some square blinking in my face in Grid for it.

    As a Warrior I don't care about my Last Stand or Shield Wall. The reasons are exactly the same. And everyone in the raid knows when I pop either of them because I'm very vocal on vent (and it's also my belief that such important things should be announced on Vent and/or in chat/RW).
    I can also say that I don't even care about shouts. Because really, if its not on me, no one else has it. And if its on me and some melee-X did not get it it's his problem most likely, because it's actually his job to be in range of me to get shouts. And I also don't want indicators blinking in my face because some shammy-Z, druid-Y and paladin-Z are constantly out of range.

    What I'm getting at is that Grid is not a buff frame addon. People have SBF/Buffalo/UnitFrames/Default (etc) for that. It's not even actually a unitframe addon.
    Grid is a raid status/healing addon. It must show important and critical things for Raid.
    Overcrowding it with stuff (e.g. self buffs) no one would ever care about is just wong in my opinion.

    EDIT (some actualt addition): The only thing that I may actually care about as a Warrior is Vigilance (http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=50720).
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    After updating to the most recent version im getting these 2 errors:

    UnitFrames.lua:491: attempt to compare number with nil
    UnitFrames.lua:448: AceEvent-2.0: Bad argument #-1.#IND to `?' (nil expected, got string)

    Everything works rather fine... only my target frame does not update when i select party/raid memebers.

    edit: Ok, ive fixed line 491 error (have modified version of MobHealth...). But im still getting this AceEvent-2.0 errror.
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