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    I had a dream...
    ... I dreamt of a library that would provide usefull information for every spell.

    With such a library, an add-on providing a spell name could simply retrieve :
    - spell type : heal, dd, dot, buff etc...
    - level requirements for buffs
    - min/max/avg healing or damage amount
    - min/max distance
    - texture
    - cooldowns
    - casting time
    - text to parse in combat log
    - ...

    The library would automatically load spell DB according to the player class/level, but would also be able to load "on demand" spell DB for any class.
    It would also be responsible for scanning talents and modifiy data on the fly.

    What do you think? Is it doable? would it be usefull? (Does it already exist?)
    Any advice/idea/feature request?

    I didn't start coding but I will if you thing that such a lib has a future ;)
    I'd prefer that someone else takes over this as I'm very new to lua/add-on coding.


    Jah ( Duid 60, Sinstralis-EU)
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Quote from maia »

    Squishy does not have any options to change priorities and/or filter classes, sorry. I suggest to increase the number of max visible units to e.g. 15, and chances are you'll see everyone who's damaged anyway (you probably won't have all 40 players of an AV battle in range).


    I'd really like to hide some classes in Squishy (I won't heal Warlocks, they're evil ;) ).
    Can I dynamically (in a script), modify the Squishy.classModifiers table?
    Usually, 0 <= Squishy.classModifiers[className] <= 40.
    What if I set Squishy.classModifiers["warlock"] = -1, or Squishy.classModifiers["warlock"] = 1000.

    Could you implement a sort of test that will deprioritize classes with a negative classModifier or something like that?

    sorry for my bad english... I hope you get what I meant.
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