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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Postal v3.2.1 should fix the oddball auto-complete behaviors. And also the Send button not enabling itself sometimes.

    Thanks for your hard work :D
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Is it a internal problem of OnTextChanged event? I've seen a Gello's workaround http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=19110291258&sid=1 before, there he used OnChar instead of OnTextChanged.
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Hello there,
    I have a small suggestion/request about the recent AutoComplete change. I've seen Postal has patched and provides BlackBook features to turn on/off. My problem is that sometimes the autocompletion just wont happen when the first character is typed. I'm not sure what the exact condition is though.

    For example:
    Say I have only 2 names on my list: Abc & Xyz, so I expect when I type "x" it will be filled by "Xyz", but when I open mailbox, tab to "Send Mail", and type "x" in "To: " field, the autocompletion doesnt happen, I have to type "xy" to get "Xyz" filled. Now I erase the field and type "a", it works fine and fills me "Abc". Now I send something to "Abc", after I send the "To: " field would remain "Abc" or be cleared depending on setting; either way, now I type "x" but the autocompletion doesnt happen again.

    I really wish I can type only 1 character and get the recipient filled in, because my alts and bank chars are different (as intended) on the first character :)
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    posted a message on WitchHunt 3.0 for 2.4
    Feature Request:
    The way I use the Learning Mode + Spell Filter is about to trying hard to find out
    some "unchecked" spells in the list consisting of mostly "checked" spells.
    It's a bit tiring when the list grows big, so what I request is to make this process easier.
    My suggestion is to make those newly "learned" spells in this session on the top of list;
    in other words the primary sorting key is "session" and secondary sorting key is "spellID".
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    posted a message on WitchHunt 3.0 for 2.4
    Forgive me if I misunderstood the code :p

    local function giveFilter()
    	filter = {
    		name = L["Spell Filter"],
    		type = "group",
    		args = {
    			filterdesc = {
    				order = 0,
    				type = "description",
    				name = L["You can select spells to be ignored in future messages from the list below. This list is automatically filled with currently filtered spells and spells you encountered during this session."],
    			filters = {
    				order = 1, type = "group", name = "", inline = true,
    				get = function( k ) return db.filtered[k.arg] end,
    				set = function( k, v ) db.filtered[k.arg] = v and v or nil end, -- do not set to false, we cleanup this way since nil values are actually removed
    				args = {},
    	-- make sure we learn all filtered spells.
    	for k, v in pairs(db.filtered) do
    		learned[k] = true
    	-- fill filter args
    	filterArgs = filter.args.filters.args
    	for k, v in pairs( learned ) do
    	return filter

    Each time the giveFilter() is called back the filter.args.filters.args is cleaned and refilled by giveOneFilter() iterations that recreate a piece of table.
    Since table creation is rather expensive I feel that the display/refresh/toggle of "Spell Filter" page
    become significantly slow after the filter size grows upto, say, 300 entries.
    Actually it isnt that slow but one can feel the WOW screen "frozen" for 1+ sec.
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    posted a message on WitchHunt 3.0 for 2.4
    I've updated to the new 2.4 integrated UI, it looks nice :)

    Feature request: can we have an option to disable WH in some situations?
    Say, I stay in Shattrath City with tons of opponent players but since it's a pacified zone I dont need to see these alerts.
    Or, in PvE server in the wild I only need to worry about NPCs(mobs) and can ignore opponent players.
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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    Quote from Hallithron »

    I've found a bug with ArcHUD when trying to cast from certain macros on the BC Beta client (meaning the patch that will go live tomorrow or next Tuesday). I also posted this in trac, but I don't know if you check there.

    To reproduce this bug:

    1. Login in to the Burning Crusade Closed Beta
    2. Load no add-ons but ArcHUD2 (and its dependencies)
    3. Create a macro that includes the [button:X] option (I'm pretty sure this is the trick). A sample macro would be: /cast [button:2] Entangling Roots
    4. Target a monster. Before casting ANY OTHER SPELLS, attempt to cast from the new macro. An action blocked error should be called for ArcHUD2, claiming that it attempted to call CastSpellByName?().

    I think this bug still exists in client 2.0.4 in a different form. My reproducing steps:
    1. Disable all addons except ArcHUD2
    2. Create a macro that includes the [button:X] option. My macro is: /cast [button:1] Hunter's Mark
    3. Target a monster, then click this macro `right away'. An error happens: "ArcHUD2 has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI.".
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    posted a message on Dewdrop menu positioning?
    Merry Xmas to all :)

    Dewdrop's smart positioning is good, but is there any way I can change the relative position (x y offsets) of popped up Dewdrop menu? (or may I make a request? :p)

    For my instance I want to pop up a menu inside the Browse tab of Auction frame. To avoid overlapping BrowseButtons I prefer the menu being popped upon left side of the cursor; but since usally most of Auction frame stays at left half part of screen, the Dewdrop is likely popped on right side of the cursor.
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