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    Repost from mod Comments:

    Any reason why your Absorbs module records widely innacurate information in regards to Paladin bubbles via Illuminated Healing Mastery?

    I'm seeing variances in numbers of over 1 million effective healing difference between your mod and World of Logs on my Pally.

    In game the meters attribute the vast majority of the shields to me, and not my Pally healing partner. Yet on World of Logs its properly attributed to the right healer. You can tell because my total healing for spells that generate IH has a maximum limit of 13-15% of my total depending on my equipped Mastery Gear and in-game the percent sometimes exceeds 20-30%.
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    posted a message on Grid — compact party/raid unit frames
    Is it at all possible to have grid in a non standard setup;

    for example;

    group 1, group 2, group 3
    group 4, group 5.


    I assume I could probably set maxunits to 15 but then group 4/5 would not be centered on row 2. Any solution to this problem?
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    I'm wondering if its possible to have additional unit frames created in the following scenario.

    Picture a healer using Grid/Clique to manage his raid healing. Right above the grid square in a similar fashion 4 additional squares show up (or 3 or 5 whatever) of the players taking the most damage in the current fight.

    It basically allows the raid healers, without looking at meters to quickly realize who is taking the most damage (might not necessarily be the main tank(s)). The benefit would be a larger unit frame that draws the attention of the healer and perhaps makes it easier to click on the key players of that fight.

    The key idea is to transparently combine damage-taken meters with a Grid-like unit frame.
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Quote from Phanx
    I'd really like to see more detailed breakdowns. For example, I can go (1) Damage > (2) PlayerName > (3) SpellName > (4) SpellBreakdown to see a breakdown of hits, crits, ticks, etc. However, under Healing, I can only get to level 3; I can't see a breakdown of say, Riptide hits, crits, and ticks. Under Total Healing, I can't see any breakdown at all beyond level 2, so I can't see a list of specific spells that contributed to the total.

    I'd also like to see some way to see who healed who... something like "Healed Who: TankX 42% TankY 27% RogueQ 13% etc" with each entry clickable to see a breakdown of healing cast on that person. The reverse view, "Healed By", could also be interested.

    I'd second a need for both of these features. The reverse view is incredibly useful to see who's getting healed by who. Also, a seperate view to monitor outgoing heals by a healer (i.e, I casted X amount of healing on player X). Right now it only shows what a healers output is composed of, not whom it was directed at.

    I'd really really really emphasize a need to be able to see what my crit breakdown is on heals. As a paladin it directly correlates to several of my talents that are not listed under crit rating. This would be useful to monitor how close i'm getting to my "actual" crit rating.
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    posted a message on Paladin Healing Monitor
    So, perhaps few of you realize but the Paladin class has become a bit more complicated that in my opinion may warrant a mod to help monitor whats going on for some of the lesser-able players out there (myself included out of humility).

    A few clarifications for you to understand where I am coming from.

    -Beacon of Light cast on a single target lasts for 1 minute.

    -Beacon of Light spawns buffs on nearby players within 40 yards called "Light's Beacon" (used to determine if the heal is passed along to the Beacon of Light)

    -Judgements for deep Holy spec Paladins now proc a buff "Judgments of the Pure" which gives us 15% haste (in next patch up from 10%).

    -Infusion of Light procs off of use of our Holy Shock ability (a new staple heal basically replacing Holy Light usage due to mana/downranking changes). This effect reduces cast times of both Holy Light and Flash of Light (making them near instant).

    These alone are fairly easy to look for, but due to the ability to peel off of the maintank and raid heal (simultaneously passing along heals through Beacon of Light), watching for all four of these combined is a bit of a task.

    Current Solutions:
    Its fairly easy to monitor for your own buffs, but simultaneously watching for anothers is a bit of a challenge. Right now I have Lights Beacon showing up on the bottom right corner of grid to watch for specifically which players I can heal and still have the tank recieve the benefits (non Lights Beacon raid members must be kept up by the raid healers!). The bottom left corner highlights which target is the current Beacon.

    While this may seem adequate, its difficult to get the buff to show a time remaining or a cooldown meter. If anyone knows how to show time remaining within the Grid monitoring system... this is one possible workaround.

    Ideal Solution:
    A monitoring for a specific target (through command line or otherwise /monitor playername) for the Beacon of Light buff. This can be incorporated in a depleting cast bar which would leave the bar empty and allow for a simple click to recast the buff.

    Another interesting idea would be to monitor healing received through Beacon of Light for those of us interested in whats passed along to the tank (may end up being useful for future raiding endeavors). This would include showing each "proc" of heals passed along, as well as a running total.

    Simultaneously, this same Paladin healing mod could help monitor the self-buffs; Judgments of the Pure and Infusion of Light. I envision a countdown/depleting cast bar that can highlight when these buffs are up and the time remaining and/or necessary act of refreshing the judgment haste buff. Visual identification that a Infusion of Light proc is up would be beneficial through screen-warning or any other visual identifier.

    This is just a suggestion, and despite many Paladins feeling "ripped off" with this expansion.... I have a feeling the power of Bacon will surprise a few healing meters come raid time in WotLK
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