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    Quote from Greywind »

    Druidbar not loading isn't a problem, i did it that way so you can use a stub addon to only load it on the chars that need it, I recommend Supply and Demand since it loads it automatically if you are on a druid. http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Supply_and_Demand

    Would be nice if this were more explit in the documentation that comes with the AddOn. It took me most of an hour to figure out why DruidBar wouldn't do anything for me... I finally resorted to deleting the LoadOnDemand and X-S&D directive to make it work. *Then* I found this thread...

    Just for us ignorant users out there (this thing is so lightweight anyway).
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    Thanks. I did not manage to find that document while searching for the situation I was trying to describe.

    EDIT: I should mention that I don't use warmup... my concern came only from poking around in the code and realizing how much duplication was there.

    I would like to read more about the embedded design, because I do not understand the implementation fully.

    If I understand what I read correctly, then if I ensure that I have the standalone versions of each of these redundant LUA's installed in my AddOns folder, the redundant files are never being loaded ("classic"), and if I don't have the stand alone versions installed, they are all being loaded but then somehow a golden copy is chosen and the rest are garbage collected. (?)

    I fully admit that I don't exactly understand yet, so sorry for the remedial post.

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    As far as I can tell, it works if one uses upwards references in a .toc file to load .lua files from outside of the AddOns own directory.

    For example:


    I tried it in one AddOn, and it didn't cause any apparent problems, does anyone know otherwise?

    In the case of the above (randomly chosen) file, I have 12 copies of it, and
    they are identical. I'm willing to wager that the WoW engine does not detect that, which means it's loaded each copy of the file into memory (assuming all of the AddOns are actually loaded).

    If it is loading all twelve identical copies of that file, that's 99.92 Kb of redundant data.

    I ran a quick check on my AddOns directory and I have 408 duplicate identical files, with a total of 10.77 megabytes redundancy.

    I am considering writing a script that would consolidate such files, and patch the .toc files that refer to them, based on the assumption that I would see memory usage decrease (I don't expect the full 10M to go away -- due to disable addons &c). Wanted to run the idea past others before I spent too much time on it.

    Is there something I'm not understanding, or does the above idea hold some water?

    Thanks for reading, appreciate your thoughts on the idea.
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