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    posted a message on DogTag error
    Well not the same error but pretty excessive as well (around 2000 error in just 1min)

    [2007/05/12 14:00:24-1273-x2]: DogTag-1.0\DogTag-1.0.lua:358: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 336) near 'events'

    and since that way DogTag is not loaded correctly:

    [2007/05/12 14:00:24-1273-x1]: PitBull-r35196\PitBull.lua:36: Cannot find a library instance of DogTag-1.0.
    Ace2\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:461: in function `AceLibrary'
    PitBull-r35196\PitBull.lua:36: in main chunk

    which leaves Pitbull non working, guess will switch back to a different unitframe until this gets fixed (oh and the problem exists both with the DogTag standalone Lib and the included Lib)
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework - Prelease Version (Official Thread)
    Not sure if something like this is possible, but as far as i think it could be.

    since im playing on a german server, and the localization is getting pretty out of hand (and i know why i use the english version), it would be useful if one could substitute specific lines/words in chat when they are found.
    (this goes to names like Blackrock Depths (english) -> Schwarzfelstiefen (german))

    someone is posting in chat:
    "Suchen noch leute f?r Schwarzfelstiefen" (german)
    and i have declared the word "Schwarzfelstiefen" as a replace, i would see:
    "Suchen noch leute f?r Blackrock Depths"

    in effect something like an alias for specific words, not just playernames
    (maybe it could have an option to display both words. like "Suche noch leute f?r Schwarzfelstiefen(Blackrock Depths)"

    just an idea, as i said not entirely sure if something like this is possibel, but could be used for other tings as well, if someone dont wants to see "lol" it could be replaced with "Is laughing", etc
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    posted a message on Maybe an extension to Visor
    Quote from "Random" »
    Quote from "Rowne" »
    Do this on a button -
    [15:22] <Rowne> ssh=OnKeyPress:ss=if arg1 == "Q" then [do your stuff here] end

    If that makes any sense :)

    aehm, yes sure :?: na not really
    too bad that my script knowledge can be boiled down to about two lines (the famous "Hello World" example :? )
    In fact that is what is keeping me from replacing Flexbar with Visor, as i have to face it for me it is easier to setup Flexbar then Visor (the commands are more intuitive for me, atm)

    ah well, will try around later this week, as im off on a business trip now anyway.
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    posted a message on Maybe an extension to Visor

    just have an idea, not sure if it is already possible with Visor (or some other addon), but i did not find anything according to what i had in mind on the wiki for Visor.
    So here what i had in mind:

    since i like to keep the UI clean, i would like it to hide the PlayerFrame, and other frames except under certain circumstances.

    for example:
    PlayerFrame should be hidden unless im in combat, or press and hold a "show" key or move the mouse into the area where the PlayerFrame is located

    Minimap should be half transparent until i mouse over it or press a "show" key

    i think you get what i mean, now i don't know how hard that is to realize but would be a good addition to Visor (maybe as a module as surely not everyone would want that functionality)

    thx for reading

    ps: if that already possible with an addon, mind to point me in the direction of it? :-)
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