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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    I'm having some trouble getting a whitelist to work on my focus, when the focus is a boss.

    I'm trying to white filter a group for the Nether Power buff from Jaraxxus in 10man TOC. I create the new group, filter for Buff, change target to Focus. Then select Nether Power in the whitelist filter Buff. Its the only buff checked.

    When the boss gets the buff, my group remains blank.

    I've played with the 2 other options (forget the names, like timeless buff and self cast?), to change them to white list and nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

    Also, the addon seems to have to learn the buffs each time/game session.
    Is there a future feature to save the buff names to SV so they persist?

    In my situation, the addon is of no use on the first attempt, and is only useful if we wipe and the boss cast Nether Power.
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    posted a message on Repositories and Tagging.
    Quote from Elsia
    How do I prevent projects from going stale? RecountDeathTrack was flagged stale even though it simply didn't need any updates.

    did you atleast minimum update the toc with a new version ?
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    posted a message on Some addons updated on WoWACE are not updated on curse.com
    i'm still having the same problem described above. the ticket that was opened has some other author comments, so i believe this is more wide spread than people 'not tagging' properly.

    if you review the ticket, you'll see these projects are tagged properly, and they are just not getting pushed to curse.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Azethoth
    Also, consider using Fortress, Titan or some other DataBroker mod...

    This statement makes me curious. I've used fubar addons forever, and so I wonder why you remove support for it and then recommend others switch to something else.

    Did I miss something with fubar ?
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    posted a message on Addons shown as updated..aren't
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Wowace addon pages has 3 types of zip files: Alpha, Beta and Release.

    Curse addon pages only sees Beta and Releases. This means that the "latest version" on wowace can be an alpha, which is why it doesn't show up on Curse.

    You should be using release or beta versions only, unless you really want to test the latest alpha version.

    i understand your explanation, but regardless if curse will not display alpha, then the last update date should not reflect alpha.

    My fav's list has a ton of 'updated' addons, all 10/14/2008, but in reality only a handful have been updated to beta or release. its quite difficult to filter through them
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    posted a message on EnchantingSell - Official Thread
    Quote from xhepera »

    I don't know if this is related or not but I've been unable to get the Enchant button in my spellbook to work. I would get the sound of it opening, but nothing would appear on screen. I disabled ES and that fixed the problem. Has anyone else had this issue?

    its a feature, why do you need the Enchanting frame when you are using ES. read the ES options, using /es to disable this feature
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    posted a message on EnchantingSell - Official Thread
    Quote from thephen »

    I found ES a while back, when I did enchanting. I do not enchant now, however. I do USE enchants, and often need info, like lists of enchants, mats and pricing.

    I just installed the ACE version, to see if I could use it to get this enchant-related information for myself (not an enchanter).

    The UI for ES comes up, well, blank-- as if there isn't any data to show me. I assume that this has to do with me not being an enchanter.

    So: I'd like to use ES to help me select, plan, and purchase enchants from others. Is this use-case satisfied with the current ES, any prev or future ES, and/or your vision for ES?

    Regardless, thank you for the great work. I want ES to work for me so badly, that I'm considering re-training Enchanting, just to activate ES.

    yes, you can you load a default database of enchants. check out the options using /es
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    posted a message on AbramsFu - a tiny utility that displays tank stats
    the problem is the embed in FuBar_AbramsFu

    it has embedded StatLogic-1.0, which relies on the function utf8lower. however utf8lower is NOT a part of lua. String.lower() is.
    all the UTF8 functions are a separate addon called UTF8, that is bundled with StatLogicLib

    so there are 2 possible fixes
    1. just install StatLogicLib as a separate addon, it embeds UTF8 properly
    2. the FuBar_AbramsFu author will need to also embed UTF8, otherwise there is no point in embedding StatLogicLib, just make it a dependency and the users will have to know to install it seperately.

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    posted a message on Reason PocketHelper shows wrong spell icon
    ok, so adding frame.action=84 fixes the problem, but that is retarded. the action id is already being set as an attribute. also, why does this framework rely on the ability already existing on an action bar button.

    i thought the idea was, allow the mod author to create a button with a spell, ability, macro, useitem etc... If i have it on my action bar already, why would i need to create another button for it.

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    posted a message on Reason PocketHelper shows wrong spell icon
    I'm looking into why PocketHelper addon displays the wrong icon. Currently it displays whatever icon is in the action slot 1.

    I've narrowed down the code so it can be easily recreated by using the following.
    It assumes your pick pocket ability is in action slot 84. It could easily be changed to 2 or where ever Pick Pocket is.

    	local frame = CreateFrame("CheckButton", "PH_test", UIParent, "ActionBarButtonTemplate");
    	frame:SetAttribute("type", "action");
    	frame:SetAttribute("action", 84);
    	frame:SetPoint("CENTER", "UIParent", "CENTER", 100, 100);
    	frame:SetAttribute("statehidden", nil);

    For whatever reason, blizzard's ActionButton.lua decides that the icon is taken from the first action slot, and I can't figure out attributes would be required to fix it.

    I've also tried using type "Spell", with spell name "Pick Pocket", but even that assumes action slot 1.

    Anyone have any ideas on this one? I'd like to avoid creating a custom button just for this.
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    posted a message on EnchantingSell - Official Thread
    the plugin is packaged with ES, and is not FuBar, btw.

    are you removing the embeds ? if so why?
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    posted a message on KC_Items (Ace2)
    Quote from Corlicious »

    Finally found this thread...

    Ok, I'm updated to the newest versions of both EnchantingSell and KC_Items, and things are working better, but...

    Seems ES and KC_Items are not playing nice together. I use both KC and WowEcon, prefer KC, and know ES is supposed to be able to use the auction database...but I get this error when I use the checkbox to use the auction db:

    Error: attempt to index global 'KC_Common' (a nil value) AddOn: EnchantingSell File: EnchantingSell.lua Line: 1320 Count: 4

    Now, both your addon and ES have been updated recently...I've used both for months now and couldn't get the auction db option to work before...but after the update, it worked briefly, allowing me to use Wowecon's db when using ES with slash commands (think I had Ace unloaded to do so). I've deleted/reset the ES databases, deleted their saved variable files...I'm at a loss but would really like ES to work with KC. Any suggestions/help?

    I love and use KC above all others...and expect you're working on bringing back some of the options, like sell percentage, coloring, memory, etc...

    Hm, one more thing - I play WoW on both a Mac and pc, and ES does behave differently on the two platforms, not sure why - but on the Mac ES allows me to choose the auction addon with a slash command, and it behaves better with WowEcon (:< Not sure if that info helps, or what else you might need to know.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks.

    should be working shortly. Kael has changed the way auction prices are retrieved, so I had to update ES accordingly
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    posted a message on EnchantingSell - Official Thread
    yea i think that is possible. i'll add that to the todo list.
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    posted a message on EnchantingSell - Official Thread
    appears KC_Items has been re-written, as the code I hook into for his prices, no longer exist. I'll see what I can dig up, but for now the newest version of KC_Items will not work.
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    posted a message on An alternate method for defining embedded lilbraries in your TOC
    Quote from xbeeps »

    This is a suggestion:

    Make a simple addon, call it Ace2Reference or whatever. It must implement every significant paradigm common to Ace2 addons. This addon does not do anything in particular ingame, but it is a reference for developers. You can look at that addon to see "how to do things". When practices change, this addon is updated to reflect the new practices. It would be a good idea to use a lot of comments to explain what, how and most importantly why practices are as they are.

    and who would maintain all this? in theory this sounds like a good idea, but in reality, people have little time to keep these addons, svn, forums, wiki etc.... working, much less documented properly. this is something you could do perhaps?
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