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    posted a message on agUF not filtering buffs on priest
    I have my layout the same as all my other characters but for some reason on my priest it will not filter auras. With it turned on I can see all raid buffs and I can't figure out why.
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    If you're going to make changes that you're unsure of then you should but them in a branch version.
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    posted a message on Baggins AnywhereBags
    The only way I can think of doing that would just be way too laggy (to my standards anyway).
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    Does DrDamage take into account mangle debuffs when calculating the tooltip for Shred, Rake, Rip etc? I'm not noticing a change and am maybe thinking that I'm missing an option because I see mangle accounted for in the data files.
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    posted a message on TimeToDie - Official Thread
    If you want the 15% timer you can just re target the mob and it will reset the timer.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Quote from Seerah »

    I believe the notion was that a dewdrop list for AnywhereBags was faster to search through and used less memory than another bag display.

    I like this answer and it shall henceforth be my official response.

    Now, unofficially I couldn't figure out how (or it may be impossible) to draw the alt bags in the same way they were saved (baggins view, layout, etc) so I am temporarily until further notice leaving it as it is.
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    I'm getting scorch and fireblast as having 6% crit over my fireball instead of the 4% from the talent.

    My current build is 11/47/3. My character sheet says i have 29% crit to all spells and 38% crit to fire. From the DrDamage tooltips, fireball has 38%, scorch and fireblast have 44%. Not sure what could be causing it, or it could be that it's 6am and I'm missing something obvious.
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    posted a message on JAHUD - Planning/Implementation
    Quote from Valdeck »

    I am still at work so this might be a mute point but is the file we can download deveolped enough that it would show the graphical layout of the hud? even if its a static image it would be nice to see ya know?

    It was but at some point the player module, which is the only graphical display so far, began crashing wow. Since most of my coding has been in the core I've not looked at what that problem is yet.
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    posted a message on JAHUD - Planning/Implementation
    Well I'm still struggling over which events are needed for what (half of blizz's events seem random) but progress is happening... if slowly. Once I hammer down the events part everything else should come together quickly.
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    posted a message on EavesDrop 2.0 (a SCT style combat log)
    Quote from bandicut »

    hi there...

    found nothing on the forum search... so is there an german localization? only found korean and chinese in the addonfolder.

    and how did i get a personal written localization file to work? only put the file in the folder and change the eavesdrop.lua?
    (btw: i could translate the english file and send it to the author if there's a need)

    MFG Bandicut

    Use the same format that the Chinese or Korean translations use, put it in a new file (tho I don't know the 4 letter code for german) and make sure you add that file to EavesDrop.toc
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    Quote from faux »

    I keep on getting this error when I tab target snakes from hunter traps.

    [2007/10/20 20:48:34-30-x1]: IceHUD-1.0 (50071)\modules\TargetInfo.lua:690: bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil)
    <in C code>: in function `TargetNearestEnemy'
    <string>:"TARGETNEARESTENEMY":1: in function <[string "TARGETNEARESTENEMY"]:1>

    This is a confusing error because it shouldn't technically be possible, but I believe I've fixed it so that it shouldn't happen again, please test though.
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    posted a message on BigWigs - Hyjal Summit
    Quote from 7destiny »

    I have this Bug on Korean Client:

    Interface\AddOns\BigWigs\Hyjal\HyjalSummit.lua:279: bad
    argument #2 to 'fmt' (number expected, got string)
    count: 1

    call stack:
    Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:304: in
    function 'TrggerEvent'


    The offending line is the translation on 126:
    ["%s in ~%d sec!"] = "在~%d秒后 %s !",

    The translator has flipped the %s and the %d. Someone is going to have to add a new translation that puts them in the proper order.
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    posted a message on JAHUD - Planning/Implementation
    Quote from Elsia »

    I'd suggest using the DogTag lib for the unit text tags, as a lot of your to-do is already implemented and ready in that library.

    DogTag is a massive beast and way to cumbersome for the simple and fast addon I'm wanting this to be.
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    posted a message on A HUD, A real one !!
    Here is a link to the post for the JAHUD (Just Another HUD) discussion thread, the HUD I've been planning and writing.
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    posted a message on JAHUD - Planning/Implementation
    This thread is for the planning and implementation discussion of JAHUD (Just Another HUD (working name)). This is the addon I refered to in A HUD, A real one !!.

    The current and extremely alpha version can be found here. Note that currently it may crash wow so I wouldn't suggest enabling it.

    Current features in progress:

    Bar Framework
    • Bar creation is complete, including supporting all icons (leader, loot, pvp, etc), health bars, mana bars, and casting bars.
    • An adequate callback system to update the texts on events is still being considered, tho something is in place.
    • Each bar uses 3 font strings. One at the top, one at the bottom, and one that follows the value of the bar. These have a configuarable h-alignment of left, right, and center.

    • Currently no config code.
    • Figure out how to add enable/disable to module option tables.
    • Add module enable/disable support into core's OnEnable and OnDisable functions.
    • Add callbacks in modulePrototype for global settings. EX: bar texture, font size, etc.

    Tag system
    • Each tag refers to the state of a table associated with a unit.
    • The unit table's necessary data is updated per event. EX: "[name]" is updated on UNIT_HEALTH.
    • Then each bar's font string's tags are updated using the unit table.
    • This means that each function is called only once, and each event is caught only once, which should be a large improvement over current designs.
    • TODO for each tag:
      • Determine which functions to call to update info.
      • Determine which events are called in which to use said functions.
      • A list of available function calls and events can be found at the bottom of JAHUD.lua, although it may not be complete.

      • Current Tags:

        [name] - unit name colored by class, white for nonplayer
        [class] - class of unit, or create type for nonplayer (beast, undead, etc)
        [race] - race of unit, equivalent for nonplayer?
        [sex] - sex of unit (male, female, Ben Affleck)
        [level] - unit level colored by difficulty or ?? for high level or boss

        [currHP] - current hitpoints of unit, use MobInfo if available; "ghost" if dead, offline if DCd, etc.
        [maxHP] - max hitpoints of unit, use MobInfo if available
        [percHP] - percent hitpoints of unit
        [diffHP] - amount of HP missing, maxHP - cureHP

        [currMana] - current mana of unit
        [maxMana] - max mana of unit
        [percMana] - percent mana of unit
        [diffMana] - amount of mana missing, maxMana - cureMana

        [fkey] - which fkey the group unit corrisponds to, not affected by new key bindings on the F-keys

        [spellName] - name of spell currently being cast
        [spellRank] - rank of spell currently being cast
        [timeLeft] - time left until current spell is cast

        Feel free to post any suggestions of the bullet points or something that should be added.
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