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    Just a quick suggestion, didn't see anything related to this in the thread. Regarding the Gossip module, it's annoying to skip to an innkeeper's vendor screen when I really want to set my hearthstone. I can only conceive of this happening to an alt, though. Perhaps for that particular automation, the mod should check your level, and if it's 70, or if an option to skip to innkeepers' vendor screens is enabled, then skip to the vendor screen.

    Also, I almost spent a WSG Mark of Honor when I didn't mean to, trying to turn in the daily BG quest. I needed those marks to buy my bracers; had the turn-in been completed, I'd have had to play another WSG to get back what I needed. Perhaps this automation should be revised in light of the new turn-in; then again, I'm probably the only idiot who keeps all his marks in his bags for reference purposes with Automaton running :p

    Regardless, kudos on a great mod. <3
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    I prefer to update my AddOns manually: if a version I've got works, I won't update it unless I know the new version has functionality I'm looking for (with the exception of Omen; I update that every day). Now, I'm a joe schmo with no idea about your new Packagemancer for the zip listing, but I'm a guy who likes to do as little clicking as possible. I think it'd be super duper if there were a way to only list out AddOns I'm interested in on that page, rather than having to show all. So, somwhere in my profile here, I'd predefine a list of AddOns I want generated by that page, or something. If this is impossible, that's fine; to mimic it I've listed the URLs of all the zips of all the AddOns I'm interested in in a small .html on my desktop. I'm content with things the way they are now, but this functionality would be amazing. Not that I could respect this community any more than I already do ;x
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    Two of my sets use dual wielding. My around-town set has a Talon of the Phoenix in the Main Hand, and an Emerald Ripper with 30 Int in the Off Hand. My mp5 set has that same Emerald Ripper in the Main Hand, with a Stellaris with 30 Int in the Off Hand. When I try to switch from mp5 to town, the Emerald Ripper moves to my bags in favor of the Talon, but the Stellaris stays in the Off Hand, picked up by the mouse (as if one had just left clicked on it to move it somewhere). It does not fire a "Couldn't find Emerald Ripper in your inventory" error. Switching from town to mp5, though, does fire a Couldn't find error, and the Talon remains in the Main Hand.

    Thanks for your help and for a great Addon.
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    Bump, same issue. Can't pinpoint a cause for the life of me.
    Also, beginning to drag OneBank initiates a 10-second hang.
    I love OneBag =/ What's going on =/
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    Quote from FlareCDE »
    ...is there any chance there could be an option to lay them side by side horizontally as opposed to the current vertical configuration?

    In the drop down menu for a given group, change the Growth Direction setting to Left or Right.

    Quote from detard »
    Have the option to have a special border around people in your party in the raid.

    Seconded. Marvelous! <3

    Quote from guise »
    an option that allows toggling a display of what raid group you are in somewhere on the player frame and target frame.

    In the Player and Target Frame options, under Status Text, assign custom status text to the "name" field, and set the style to 'custom.' The custom status text you enter should look something like this..


    Quote from Rouz »

    Is there an option how I can change the background of my UF from transparent to solid with oUF-Style enabled? I only found the option to change it in the targetframe and partyframe.
    Thanks in advance!

    The option to change Party Frame alpha also affects the Player Frame. Weird, huh?

    Quote from shzin »
    any chance of making the combo point frame show debuff stacks? the text on the debuff boxes is really small and i gotta squint to see how many scorches are up on a target.

    Auras will stretch so that the number of columns never extends beyond or falls short of the end of the frame. Try reducing the number of Columns of Auras for whichever frames you need, so that the auras become a little bigger.
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    Another AddOn you're using may or may not be causing those frames to show as well.
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    Quote from Le├»mi »
    Recently I wanted to change the alpha of the frames, but it seems I have no options to do that..
    A friend told me there was this option when you change the bar colors : but I just can change the color, not the alpha :/

    Your friend was right: in the color selection window, there's a slider bar on the right that controls the alpha.
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    Quote from bibyfok »

    Any news about the enemy casting bar ?

    Not a feature right now, and probably not priority because there are a bunch of other bugs that need to be worked out and there are plenty of other addons that provide an enemy cast bar.

    Quote from jamesground »
    Anyone else still having the problem where Blizz's Default unit frames won't hide (in and out of groups/raids)?

    People have reported that other AddOns may be reenabling them. I forget which ones they mentioned offhand; I think Visor was among them. Try disabling some AddOns which may be suspect.

    Quote from Morbain »
    - Is there any way to color the custom text variables for the HP/mana bars? For instance, I'd like to do my HP like: [curhp]/[maxhp]/[diffhp], with diffhp red (and hidden, if it's zero.. see above)
    - I thought I read somewhere on these forums that it should not be possible for the ToT window to come up if you target yourself, but it comes up for me for some reason.

    By default, only white is enabled for text coloring. To add more, you need to add some tags to the Watchdog Tags list for the colors you want. Open up ag_WatchdogTags.lua and find the white tag:

    	["white"] = function (u) return "|cFFFFFFFF" end,

    Make a new line beneath it and put in the same code, replacing 'white' with the color you want to enable, and replace those last 6 F's with the hex value of the color. For example, a dark shade of grey would look like this:

    	["grey"] = function (u) return "|cFF303030" end,

    Repeat this until you've enabled all the colors you want to use. If you don't know what hex values are, you can read up on them here.

    When you've done that, open up WoW and head into the aguf config menu. For each frame that you want to modify, edit the Custom Status Text. Insert your color tags before the element you want to become that color. For example, if you've enabled red and named it such, and you want your missinghp to be red, you'd use:


    If you want to use more color tags elsewhere, be advised that color tags affect all of the text that come after them until another color tag is encountered.

    Before 2.0, ToT did not appear while targeting yourself. Still says that in the wiki :P Currently this is not the case, but it may get changed back later.
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    Quote from Shag88 »

    I apologize if this has already been brought up - I don't see a way to search within a thread, and unfortunately, don't have time to read through nearly 600 posts atm...

    I just started using AGUF, and my initial impression is very good. However, I would love to be able to configure my target frames to show the guild membership of the target. On a PvP server, I like to know guild associations when I encounter enemies in the world...

    If this is somehow already possible, I'd love to know how - I have yet to find anyone who knows how this can be accomplished.

    You're going to have to add a Watchdog Tag to return the name of one's guild, and then edit the name label text to include the guild name.
    Dive into ag_WatchdogTags.lua and find a completely empty line somewhere in the middle where all the other tags are being defined and put this in:

    ["guild"] = function(u) return GetGuildInfo(u) end,

    I presume you want the guild name to be displayed next to one's name? Go into ag_Variables.lua and find the section "self.formats" containing the formats for health, mana, name, and class. In order to add the guild name after one's name, you'd simply take this from the name section...

    	["Name"] = {
    		["Default"]		= "[name]",

    ...and change it to this:

    	["Name"] = {
    		["Default"]		= "[name][guild]",

    In other words, just insert the guild tag you created in step 1 wherever you want it to display.
    Not 100% sure if this is going to work, I ripped the function from the WoWWiki API listing which may or may not have been updated since 2.0.1, and I don't know offhand if that function is protected now. If something goes wrong I'll gladly fix it up..
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    posted a message on Error that drives me mad
    The gist is that certain Ace2 AddOns, if not kept updated, will cause this error to be thrown, and Blizzard will misinterpret it as a different one, probably because Ace2 AddOns have libraries in common. The general solution would be to first update all of your AddOns, and then if you still get the error, use the process of elimination via disabling your Ace2 AddOns one at a time to find the culprit.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Okay, I just got to fire up my client.
    Issues that I'm experiencing with r20025:

    1. My Blizzard Unit and TargetFrames are not being hidden.
    2. Target of Target and ToT's Target still display when I'm targeting myself. Probably not priority, but I know that this is inconsistent with pre-2.0, so I thought it might be prudent to bring up.
    3. The changelog is still empty! Also not priority, because I'm sure you guys are swamped working on this thing, but it'd help to prevent a few repeated questions if there was a changelog and perhaps a todo list packaged with the rest, if not posted here. After all, inverse health bars and Druid Mana in forms can't be easy to code =/

    I'm about to queue for AV to see if I can't test out Party and RaidFrames with this release. I'd had them hidden for a while because of issues with all prior releases; a changelog would be great right now so I might know what to expect :P

    4. I've been using XLoot, and sometimes when I loot something, I'll be thrown an error about agUF calling a protected function or something. Someone had put up a screenshot in the XLoot thread about it.. I suppose this is an XLoot issue and not an agUF issue?
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    Quote from moffo »
    2. The Font in raid frames is too little and "Group 1" is with small "g"
    3. When i try to make the raid frames with less Width the names start to dissapear before its the end of the frame. (Thats for the frame layout-ABF)

    You need to do some .lua editing to fix these.
    3. In the layouts folder, find the layout you use for RaidFrames (in your case, ABF.lua). Find the section that defines "NameLabel" and increase the Width value. By default the width is smaller to keep room for HealthText.
    2. If you did that successfully, you should be comfortable enough to go into the other sections and increase the font sizes to your liking. As far as the capitalized "G" goes, I *think* you can fix it by finding the following function in Ag_UnitFrames.lua:

    function aUF:CreateNewGroup()
    	local i = 1
    	local k = "group"..i
    	while (self.db.profile.subgroups["group"..i] and self.db.profile.subgroups["group"..i].Exists == true) do
    		i = i + 1
    		k = "group"..i

    ...and capitalizing all 4 instances of the word 'group' that appear in double quotes ("). Again, I *think* this will work. That is, this is at a glance and untested: I unfortunately don't have access to my WoW client right now, so I couldn't tell you for sure.

    Quote from brynjolf »
    Would like to double the request for DruidMana and also that if I'm a warlock THE only thing I need on the auras is the SS and is also the only thing that isn't supported sadly.

    Have you tried enabling the Filter Auras option for the frames for which you only want to see your Soulstone?
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    For me, the Blizz UnitFrames are not being hidden. This has been the case for a few revisions now.

    Quote from Aus »
    A way to increase text size without having to scale up an entire frame.

    You can go into the .lua file for the layout you use and change the fontsize entries to values more to your liking.
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    Quote from Dred »

    I tried searching the forums and i just can't find an answer to this. How do i get combo points to show in ag unitframes? i have portraits turned off and using roartindon layout. i assume this layout does not support portraits. is that my problem? in searching the forums someone made a reference to [combo] or [combos2] in ag unit frames but i could find nothing of the sort.

    I welcome any suggestion of a good addon to display combo points while keeping my ag unit frames. thanks.

    the roartindon layout has combo point display hidden by default. you can edit the lua to enable them and put them where you like, or use a different layout, or you can get another mod. there are myriad mods that include some sort of combo point display; you'll find most of them under the category of HUDs. i like nurfedUI's hud, but there are many other popular options you might like to explore.
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    an issue i'm having recently is that prat doesn't recognize any of its modules. prat will load and /prat will show me only the default commands; it's as if the modules folder is empty. i checked and made sure it wasnt. i rolled back to a previous version and had the same problem; i then emptied my wtf folder of all prat-related files and rolled back further to no avail. what's going on here?

    edit: nevermind, disabling the latest release of cartographer fixed this.
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