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    Are there no raid frames in 4.0?

    I looked and couldn't find any options for them. Additionally there seems to be no way to turn the party frames OFF when entering a raid.
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    I love this addon, and thank you so much for creating it.

    I'm curious about the note-sharing however. I play 2 accounts, so I noticed right away that my comments were shared between both of my toons in the same guild. Then I logged on to an unguilded bank toon, and saw that the notes from both of my other toons were there as well. I was HOPING that this meant the addon was sharing globally, not just in-guild, however after further reading, I'm guessing that since my bank toon was on the same account as my guild toon he got a free copy of the notes.

    No chance on making this database non guild restricted? It's only of limited functionality if I have to convince all of my guildies to get on board, few of them PUG anyhow. But if only 5 or 10 other players on my server were rating as religiously as I am, pretty soon this addon could have every scrub and moron listed and I'd never have a bad PUG again.
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