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    Gotta say, I'm loving LibQTip. The versatility is endless. But I do have another question. I've made my cells into buttons/status bars:

    [Removed Image]

    The problem I've having, is if someone goes in/out over the Broker Icon multiple times to display the tooltip. I think the buttons/status bars for these cells are being made over and over again which causes the memory for the mod to jump. Although Garbage Collection will take care of this eventually, is there a check I can do that if this button cell (I.E. "Chicken Party!") has already been made it'll just reuse it?

    function QuestCell_Prototype:InitializeCell()
            self.Button = CreateFrame("Button", nil, self)
            self.Border = self.Button:CreateTexture(nil, 'ARTWORK')
            self.Border:SetPoint("CENTER", self.Button, "LEFT")
            self.Icon = self.Button:CreateTexture(nil,"OVERLAY")
            self.Icon:SetPoint("CENTER", self.Border, "CENTER")
            self.QuestValue = self.Button:CreateFontString()
            self.QuestValue:SetPoint("LEFT", self.Icon, "RIGHT", 2, 0)
            self.QuestValueHighlight = self.Button:CreateFontString()
            self.QuestValueHighlight:SetPoint("LEFT", self.Icon, "RIGHT", 2, 0)
            self.QuestValueHighlight:SetTextColor(1, 1, 1)
            self.Button:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 21, 0)
    function QuestCell_Prototype:SetupCell(Tooltip, Value, Justification, Font, Args)
        self.QuestValue:SetFontObject(Font or Tooltip:GetFont())
        self.QuestValue:SetTextColor(Args["Color"].R, Args["Color"].G, Args["Color"].B)
        self.Icon:SetTexCoord(0.06, 0.94, 0.06, 0.94)
        if Args["Color"].Glow == true then
            self.Border:SetVertexColor(Args["Color"].R, Args["Color"].G, Args["Color"].B)
            self.Border:SetVertexColor(1, 1, 1)
        self.Button:SetScript("OnEnter", function() self.QuestValueHighlight:SetText(DailyQuestsList[Value].Title); self.Icon:SetDesaturated(nil); self.QuestValueHighlight:Show(); DQT_OnHoverTooltip(self, Value) end)
        self.Button:SetScript("OnLeave", function() self.QuestValueHighlight:Hide(); self.Icon:SetDesaturated(Args["Color"].Desaturated); DQT_OnLeaveTooltip() end)
        self.Button:SetScript("OnMouseDown", function() self.Button:ClearAllPoints(); self.Button:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 22, -1) end)
        self.Button:SetScript("OnMouseUp", function() self.Button:ClearAllPoints(); self.Button:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 21, 0); ClickMe(self, Value, GetMouseButtonClicked()) end)
        local Width = self.QuestValue:GetStringWidth() + 20
        return Width, self:GetHeight()
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    Quote from Torhal
    That's because Tablet actually used buttons, whereas LibQTip does not.

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks.
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    The custom cell pretty much outputs: Icon with a quest next to it. Example like 'Bait Bandits', although it does some other stuff. The gist of it is that.

    [Image Removed]

    This is my old Tablet version, but I got it to do the same thing with LibQTip. What I'm just wondering is, with Tablet when you actually clicked the line, the actual quest line as seen above. Is would show you click it, like a button. The line would shift down and shift back up, like a button.

    In LibQTip, when you hover over a quest and click it, you don't visually see a click.

    This make sense?
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    Thanks Torhal for the post, with your example I got everything working perfectly and now everything is working how it did in Tablet.

    Although, on a side note. Is it possible to make Cell's interact like buttons? When ever I click a cell, it does what is intended. But visually the cell doesn't respond to if it was actually clicked (The shifting of the cell per-say on a OnMousDown/OnMouseUp so you visually see the cell clicked).

    After reading through the forums and saw some suggestions with adding scripts with-in the cells to add this functionality, but for some reason whenever I add a :SetScript(), no matter what it is, OnEnter, OnMouseDown, etc.. my tooltip will no longer show until I removed it.
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    Wondering if I could get some assistance. I'm moving a Tablet version of my tooltip to QTip and and am running into an issue I seem to can't get around.

    Under an AddLine in Tablet, I could call a function and use GetMouseFocus():GetName() to cause another tooltip to fly out from that location and worked fine for grabbing the info to attach a tooltip to.

    'onEnterFunc', function()
        Tracker:OnHoverTooltip(index, GetMouseFocus():GetName())
    I've tried many variants in QTip to get the same result, but everything so far has returned 'nil'.

    Tooltip:SetLineScript(y, "OnEnter", function() Tracker:OnHoverTooltip(QuestID, GetMouseFocus():GetName()) end)
    Any help, if this is possible, would be appreciated.
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    Quote from Ydrisselle »

    Any chance for a Broker plugin? I want to delete FuBar completely...

    I was playing abit with Broker to get it to be compatible, but unfortunately it doesn't like using tooltips created with Dewdrop/Tablet which is used for DQT (or I should say, doesn't accept using them natively).

    The FubarToBroker addon will make it work fine, but after inspecting the code to see if I could implement it into DQT, it seems that it would become a daunting task and unfortunately with being in BETA I'm not sure when I'll get to sitting down and making this work.

    It is something I want to do, with having people using DQT to choose where they want it, etc..
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    Just an FYI, I'm currently in BETA so updates will be sparse to the current build of DQT as I start getting it ready for WotLK.

    I'll be checking here regularly to see if there are any issues that need to be remedied ASAP, but don't be alarmed if they aren't coming in on a regular basis.

    There will probably be some re-organization with DQT for WotLK, as some of the dailies have really no purpose as they where in TBC (I.E. Fishing, Cooking, etc..), except for some gold and whatnot.
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    Quote from Laurient »


    I have a small problem...

    I'm translating the mod in french but I don't see all dailies in the tooltip:

    I have only:

    Battleground: [random daily]
    Cuisine (cooking) : [random daily]
    Dungeon Instance : [random daily]
    PP?che (finshing): [random Daily]
    Herioc Instance : [random daily]
    World PvP

    It miss the sky guard and Shattered Sun offensive.
    however, when I take the quest from the PNJ, DQT notify it.

    Do you have an idea to fix it ?
    surely a text not translated but I don't know where.

    The easiest thing for you to do, is go into the \Locales folder. Make a copy of the enUS.lua file, resave it as frFR.lua, open it up and translate all the text into French, I.E.

    ["Shows all dailies that you are able to do."] = "Your translation here"

    Also, change:
    L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function() return {


    L:RegisterTranslations("frFR", function() return {

    and you should be ready to go to send it to me and I can add it to the main addon.
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    Quote from Laibcoms »

    Noted. ^_^

    It works fine now tho. (Was busy lately.)

    Going to report, well not a bug, rather a Daily Quest not in the list yet. See attached.

    In the attached file. The highlighted quest is not in the Heroic List yet.


    The quest is in there, you just don't meet the criteria for the quest. It is intended, unless something has changed I wasn't aware of.

    You need to be Honored with Keepers of Time in order to enter the Heroic Instance (DQT checks all your factions to make sure you can enter Heroics), so in essence DQT will not track it until you are Honored with those factions for the keys.
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    posted a message on Changing an Icon in-game:
    I want to change an inventory icon in-game to something else, I know it's possible by just making a generic Interface\Icons folder and change the .blp to the one I want and the client will refer to the new .blp, but it would still have the same outcome that I don't want.

    I'd like to change the icon pertaining to its ItemID/Name, etc.., so I change the icons to say look different. So Tier sets (PvE, PvP, etc..) don't look the same in my inventory. Make sense?

    Was wondering if this is possible and what route I'd go.
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    For future reference, please don't post all the other add-ons your using. If it may end up being a conflict with another add-on then we can go from there and request that information. :D

    Are you using the latest version 2.5.1? Do you have more than one character using DQT?

    I looked at the code and may see what may be happening even though I can't reproduce it myself.
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    Bah, sorry Niennasill. Apparently I forgot some of the coordinates of quest givers.. I'm assuming your character is Horde? I don't have a Horde character so missed some of them. I'll fix it soon on SVN.
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    Version 2.5 has been commited.

    Screenshots have changed to reflect to look/feel of all the changes.
    Please visit http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=8605 if you wish to see them.

    ** BUGS/ISSUES First remedy **
    IF you have any issues, PLEASE delete your DailiesQuestTracker.lua and DailiesQuestTracker.lua.bak and start fresh before reporting any issues.

    ** UPDATE Version 2.5 7/30/08 **
    ** Alot has changed/implemented so consider this a rough BETA **
    • Quest Givers:
    • You can now look to see where the Quest Giver is for all the quests, helpful to those that are new to dailies. This can be turned on/off (There location info) for those more experienced and not needing this.

    • Quest Waypoints:
    • If you have TomTom or Cartogrpher_Waypoints addons installed (current ones I've added support for, don't really know any others), you can shift-click the quest title and if you are in the zone it'll give you that nice arrow to the show you the way.

    • Money filtering:
    • You can now filter the amount of gold from Show Me The Money!, so you can only see the dailies in the dropdown tooltip that are in the range of gold you are wanting to do.(I.E. filter out quests that give between 1g - 10g).

    • AceComm Delay:
    • You can now set your own delay when joining AceComm (Default is 20 seconds and can be set upto 1 minute), so it doesn't inject itself into Channel 1 for those having slower load times.

    • Quests Accepted:
    • The Dailies Quest Tracker Tooltip will now show how many quests you've accepted within a group. I.E. [4/2/18] is [4 Completed/2 Accepted/18 Total Can Do]

    • Multiple Characters:
    • Track dailies on all your characters that are on a particular realm (no cross realms atm, due to differences in time-zones. It is possible, but I'll tackle that when the time comes). Each character will need to visit a quest giver at least once for DQT starts tracking the quests for them. It will show in the tooltips when two characters are known for a given quest.

    • Time Formats:
    • Time formats can now be displayed in Standard AM/PM or 24 Hour.
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    Quote from riddler »


    sorry if it's a little bit off-topic.
    But where can you find the 0100H to 2459H time format (afaik, there is no one, but who knows all ;)?
    And are these relevant countries for your development?


    As of right now, I will only be implementing AM/PM and 24 Hour formats (which are on my local copy). As I believe these two formats are the 'MOST' generally used in the world. I won't be adding in any others if they crop up for some reason like the format you spoke of (I've never heard of it).
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    I just posted this not more that a few minutes ago:

    Quote from Fritos »

    I'm not going to be addressing any bugs that currently are on SVN atm, as my local copy is close to getting released on SVN and we'll address them if they are still there.
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